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  1. holy shit and thats without hp exp? o.o
  2. Thanks for input, it sounds like nmz is the surefire way huh :/ how much str exp an hour do you average
  3. I want to get around 90-90-90 strictly for gwd and the new raids that will be coming out
  4. So im working on making a new main, just curious if people have found the best luck -going to a popular training spot (rock crabs, yaks etc) -secluded spot with not as much exp/hr -Nightmare zone .. Do you suicide it? take breaks? Im just now getting 70-70-70 and figure as long as i dont get reported i shouldnt get banned?(even on flagged ip[#wishfulthinking]) Just looking for input to where people have had the best luck im not looking for your precious secrets just a general idea
  5. gl me
  6. Im having trouble with it not refilling cannon Not logging out if i have it set to log out if another player talks/goes near Wont log out if out of food Not a fan of the delay of abc2(which isnt necessary in combat scripts[maybe a toggle for abcv2?]) Other than that it works good for me and is my favorite script on tribot
  7. Yeah man you have to buy credits for twice the price sadly
  8. If you are having this problem, please leave some support on this thread. If you find any steps to help fix it and make a payment go through, please post on here
  9. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/193-combataio-premium/ As far as what i can remember from killing aviansies back in the day this script should be able to do everything thats needed there
  10. Honestly its messed up and i dont think people should be forced to buy credits for gp if they want to use Tribot Is there any progress in fixing this? Would it work to use a different 3rd party check out? Is there steps you can take to help make an order go through(and would that be right through stripe or through tribot?) If there is any steps to help make an order go through could we make a sticky on it so there isnt the same "cant buy credits post" everyday @Usa @TRiLeZ
  11. But from what i have read is that even if you are from a certain country then you are already considered fraud. How many new potential customers come to the website, try to buy credits, cant and then go elsewhere? Not trying to rag on tribot(this is my favorite and only botting website), because i know if it was an easy enough fix it would be done by now, but just to emphasize how important it is alot of customers Does paying by card work for anyone on the tribot site? Is there steps you can take to get it to work?
  12. what does it say when you press start script in the new client?
  13. Hopefully there is some way to come to a common ground solution :/
  14. Like everyone else, I get the suspected fraudulent payment.. Now the only way to buy credits is through a 3rd party, which is not only more of a hassle,and way less secure, but costs WAY more... Say your buying 10 credits... places charge 11m rsgp? that in USD is 15 dollars.. being generous. These guys are making a killing off of selling credits worth a dollar for 1.50.. CMON MAN
  15. This is by far my favorite script on tribot, have had it for a long time and love it, especially bones to peaches you can camp anywhere for however long you want. Great script worth every penny