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  1. Do not do this deal - don't take his amount of vouches into consideration. It's much like buying a runescape account. There is no sense of security on your end. At any moment he can make a ticket that his phone was compromised and GG.
  2. Looking forward to this - thank you for being a great coder!
  3. Sadly no - I've tried it with all settings possible.
  4. Awesome, thanks for the response - added to discord. (You'll know what one is me)
  5. Will keep this rather simple, short, and to the point. Currently - there are no scripts on the market to handle this. Powerchopping or banking. I'm not a script dev, however I highly doubt this is a crazy addition to the already WC scripts.. This is a great location, greatest possible amount of teak trees in a close radius, both to each other and a bank. I'm very interested in seeing this get done. If anyone wants to propose a price for a privately made script, and or if any of the current WC script providers care to add this, I am certain this is a marketable feature. @Einstein @wastedbro are the only ones with actual working scripts from what I've seen.
  6. When I start this - custom location \ teaks \ fossil island \ set everything up right - It works but FPS is literally 0.00001. Never had this problem. This going to be fixed soon?
  7. @Aropupu is great, completely helped, and responded in detail within 24 hours - found a possible error and fixed it. Thanks
  8. I've not had problems with this script for a while since I've bought it, however recently it's giving me "Deposit amount failsafe activated" and seems to take the ores to the bank very early. Not really a huge problem but I worry this might increase a ban chance... Any words on this?
  9. dax is actively logging on the site, but not posting on the thread or making any changes to his scripts. rather big of a let down.
  10. I think the best thing possible were to be just creating support for gold bars in edgeville furnace (using the proper mould amulet\bracelet\necklace\etc) and full inventory of gold bars is a great feature.. and then if you could add things like stringing amulets that would be cool too.
  11. Not sure how to get this to work with Fossil Island Teak Trees (That I've grown myself) - I've set it up in the custom location under teaks, but it just keeps saying no trees available.
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