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  1. Assuming he's talking about purchasing VIP/Credits with Paypal, all he has to do is logout of the account he previously used on Paypal and then log on to the new one when he buys credits/VIP (if this is not the case OP forgive me)
  2. No, hes saying the Paypal account linked to his account right now is closed and he wants to use his new paypal account with his current Tribot account. If he logs out of the Paypal account on his current Tribot account and then logs into the new Paypal account this problem would be solved.
  3. Why don't you just log out of the account from Tribot whenever you try to purchase something (I'm assuming this is what you're trying to do)
  4. Actually, I'd think getting the items is rather easy when compared to taking the time to do the quest, as most people don't want to do the quest for themselves they'd rather it just be completed. However, your opinion is your opinion, who am I to tell you that what you say isn't true.
  5. Arcus's AIO Questing Services I realize that currently, I have 0 feedback. However, I'm doing this in order to gain reputation within the community for my services. If any person ordering has 10+ positive feedback, I will go first and you can pay me after the services have been completed. Currently: OPEN FOR ORDERS (If I'm not Online PM me/Post here I will get back to you) SKYPE: M8yso4n (THIS IS MY ONLY SKYPE) Payment Types: OSRS GP Special Bundles: GET YOUR NMZ HOSTS DONE HERE NightMareZone MTD = 7m OSRS for all Quests Done NightMareZone Demon = 8m OSRS for all Quests Done NightMareZone Guthan = 9m OSRS for all Quests Done Prices: NEGOTIABLE Depending On - Quest Length - Quest Difficulty THIS WILL BE DETERMINED BY RUNEHQ'S QUEST GUIDE RANKINGS Q: What quests can I do for you? A: ANY QUEST - ALL THOSE PESKY QUESTS YOU HATE... I CAN DO THEM. NEED QUESTS DONE FOR BARROWS GLOVES? DON'T WORRY I'VE ALREADY DONE THEM BEFORE. Terms and Conditions: 1. While I'm completing the services, you may NOT log in to the account. 2. If for any reason you wish to cancel your services while I'm in the middle of completion, you will NOT be refunded, but I will oblige to your request as my time is precious to me. 3. I, Arcus, am not responsible for ANY ban that may occur to your account during or after my services, all of my questing services are done by myself, not by any form of botting technology. 4. After the questing services have been completed, you MUST leave Feedback. 5. You must send me a PM prior to the services being completed stating what I'm doing for you and that you acknowledge the Terms and Conditions above. Quest Items/Specifications: - I DO NOT PROVIDE ANY QUEST ITEMS NEEDED FOR THE QUEST. IF THE QUEST REQUIRES ITEMS, YOU MUST GATHER THEM PRIOR TO ME DOING THE SERVICES. ANY ITEMS OBTAINED DURING QUESTS YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GET I WILL GET THEM. - I DO NOT TRAIN STATS FOR YOU TO COMPLETE QUESTS, MAKE SURE YOU MEET ALL QUEST REQUIREMENTS PRIOR TO THE SERVICE. Format For Questing Services: What Quests do you need done: Have you added my Skype: Do you agree to the ToS: Will you leave a feedback once services are completed: Payment Type: Orders Completed:
  6. Bulk is considered 20k+ Add my skype: m8yso4n or pm me on Tribot.
  7. Yea, I'd assume he is I was just making sure, I have never used absorption method before. I've always just bought Prayer potions to use... How would Absorption method work with a Toxic Blowpipe?
  8. Are you not praying melee? I'm doing Melee prayer only with steel darts and I get 85k exp/hr @ 89 range
  9. Arcus

    these dc's!

    I know right, this is ridiculous.
  10. When banking, do you need to tell the script to also withdraw coins and your special attack weapon again or does it not bank those?
  11. I'm looking for constant buyers... PM me or respond here.
  12. I have a stock of about 130k... Can make more everyday. Add my skype: m8yso4n or PM me if interested in buying some.
  13. Holy shit thats a lot of code for a chicken killer
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