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  1. Dude seriously that was my error XD. Thank you very much for your help
  2. Hello guys i try to develop some scripts but i get the above error. I put the class files from my workspace into .tribot/bin/scripts Here is my code Cannonball.class package script.GlennScript; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Collections; import org.tribot.script.Script; import org.tribot.script.ScriptManifest; @ScriptManifest(authors = { "Gl3nn" }, category = "Combat", name = "CannonBall", description = "Makes all the balls") public class CannonballEverything extends Script { @Override public void run() { // TODO Auto-generated method stub ArrayList<Task> taken = new ArrayList<>(); Collections.addAll(taken, new DwarfCannonQuest()); for (Task task : taken) { if(task.Activate()) { task.Execute(); } } } } Dwarfcannonquest.class package script.GlennScript; import org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces; import org.tribot.api2007.Inventory; import org.tribot.api2007.Player; import org.tribot.api2007.types.RSTile; public class DwarfCannonQuest extends Task { private static int[] SKILLS_NECKLACE = {11105,11107,11109,11111}; private static int VARROCK_TELE = 8007; private static int[] GAMES_TELE = {3853,3855,3857,3859,3861,3863,3865,3867}; private static int QUEST_INTERFACE_PARENT = 274; private static int QUEST_INTERFACE_CHILD = 10; private static RSTile FISHINGGUILD_LINKSBOVEN = new RSTile(2605, 3393); private static RSTile FISHINGGUILD_RECHTSONDER = new RSTile(2616, 3386); enum states { EERSTE_STAP, GATES, START } @Override public boolean Activate() { // TODO Auto-generated method stub if(Inventory.getCount(SKILLS_NECKLACE) != 0 && Inventory.getCount(VARROCK_TELE) != 0 && Inventory.getCount(GAMES_TELE) != 0) { if(Interfaces.get(QUEST_INTERFACE_PARENT) != null) { if(Interfaces.get(QUEST_INTERFACE_PARENT).getChild(QUEST_INTERFACE_CHILD) != null) { String quest = Interfaces.get(QUEST_INTERFACE_PARENT).getChild(QUEST_INTERFACE_CHILD).getText(); if(quest.equals("Quest Points:0")) { return true; } } } } return false; } @Override public void Execute() { states status = DetermineState(); if(status == states.EERSTE_STAP) { System.out.println("gelukt"); } // TODO Auto-generated method stub } private states DetermineState() { if(InArea(FISHINGGUILD_LINKSBOVEN, FISHINGGUILD_RECHTSONDER)) { return states.EERSTE_STAP; } return null; } private boolean InArea(RSTile LinksBoven,RSTile RechtsOnder) { RSTile coordinaten = Player.getPosition(); if(coordinaten.getY() < LinksBoven.getY() && coordinaten.getY() > RechtsOnder.getY() && coordinaten.getX() > LinksBoven.getX() && coordinaten.getX() < RechtsOnder.getX()) { return true; } return false; } } Task.class package script.GlennScript; public abstract class Task { public abstract boolean Activate(); public abstract void Execute(); } Greetings Gl3nn
  3. how do we implement this in a script? my private script don't do anything that involves clicking including interfaces and objects.
  4. pm me
  5. i used rsgp method but i already got an email which states that the automated gp is not online atm i will be let known when it's online
  6. owh i see it now thank you guys
  7. Hello guys, is it possible to upgrade to VIPE when i'm this month VIP? Thank you Gl3nn