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  1. Does tribot still have looking glass?

    Yeah once you purchase LG the option comes back
  2. Is Jagex logging Specific computers?

    I did use TAU for a long time, I'm trying to opt to some other alternatives. It's a great script for blending in but I agree with you that the ban rate has gone up. It doesnt have any failsafes in place when items fail to load which may contribute to higher bans as it idles endlessly, which I'm sure is profiled by now. I do see how my post seemed thoughtless. I write more than I'd like to and sometimes I don't check behind myself. Excuse me for that, and I agree that hardware could come into play but it would require a more thorough analysis and even then we may be way off.
  3. Is Jagex logging Specific computers?

    @IceKontroI @packedabowl It's implied that I am having success regardless of racking up bans over a timeframe of three years on the same machine. My accounts live 14+ days on member servers, regardless of my methods of free play and members. If my server was obviously flagged why would I keep using it?
  4. Is Jagex logging Specific computers?

    I doubt it, I bot on my own hardware probably been banned over 1k times. They definitely don't flag pcs.
  5. [*Open source*] JoeDezzy's street trader ABCL 10

    The last post on here was 2 years ago, I wouldn't expect anything else
  6. Auto clicker

    I wouldn't do it Jagex let's it slide but don't think they can't pick up on it.
  7. Cant Get Tribot to Open

    Yea no rs3.
  8. Einstein's Bot Farm Manager

    Oh snap, Einstein coming in with the heat.
  9. "Thonking" Reaction Added

    Ill be needing this
  10. autofisher anti compliance drop vs shift drop?

    I use shift dropping personally, seems work fine for me and other people.
  11. Next Pre Workout

    I've tried a few of these but I feel weird the rest of the day, not worth an extra boost. Nausea happens at times too.
  12. Getting old account files back?

    You could try to recover the data from the HDD if it isn't fried.
  13. Account Selling

    look into Tri's AIO fighter I believe it can do crabs, but check the comments to see if there's any problems
  14. Account Selling

    Can't do any form of account sales, the mindset here is that they can be recovered in the future (not that you would) but it's a hassle for disputes and was decided not to have these kind of trades here
  15. Account Selling

    Not allowed here try sythe, playerauctions etc (not an attempt to advertise)