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  1. How olds your tribot client? If it's a few weeks old delete your hooks.dat in the tribot folder and reload the client.
  2. Osb Api goes down every weekend anymore. Seems almost deliberate.
  3. @TacoManStan @Butta I do get stuck occasionally on some of my bots on the report abuse screen. Was happening before the update, bot status will show "closing report abuse" but never does. Any known fix? I will try a lower pop server but can't hide as easy under other players.
  4. I cant use any proxy

    if everyone who's tried can connect then your proxies aren't set up for ip authorization. is the IP in the tribot firewall list? have you accidentally blacklisted your proxy on the home pc?
  5. Script occasionally gets stuck after teleporting to go bank. Cant set the 5 min no xp it takes that long to run back. Please look at.. very ban possibility. Lifetime customer.
  6. did you add an idle time in settings? mine always logs out afterwards. not uncommon.
  7. Looking Glass - Should I use it?

    Not taking breaks, running 15-24 hrs a day, starting scripts and not watching them start up. Human errors ya know
  8. [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    @erickho123 Script does get stuck on tut in new worlds i'm using ingame hopper some didn't get stuck some did
  9. Is it worth buying level 3 starter accounts?

    Well if one gets banned the whole farm will go down at once, which is avoidable so it's ur call. Some providers will let you keep an IP. Look up static exclusive proxies and do some research.
  10. Fresh account got locked eventho I didn't bot on it ?

    You can use a proxy with an already existing account but creations with one usually results in locks you should additionally wait 48 hours before you use any account if it's not for suicide purposes, that will be enough time to know if you will get locked or banned.
  11. account creating

    As long as you use the same proxy after purchase it's fine. I create accounts all over the place and use them on whatever proxy. Bot smart