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  1. Fishing in Draynor for shrimps does NOT work. It says fishing In Karamja for shrimps/anchovies
  2. Scams me 50 dollars doesn't log back in since the scam; still doesn't get banned. Fuck you and this website.

  3. This guy is a scammer completely avoid him.

  4. Today I logged on and I was on top of white wolf mountain... probably looked very odd when i was walking in circles there if it didnt log out. But it did catch 600 shark. Does anyone else have this problem? Anyone respond and thank you.
  5. Could you try to fix bank problem soon? It usually walks behind the bank and then inside the bank.
  6. He has stayed fixing problems here and there but the problems that have been going on for maybe a month like the bank and pier pproblem he just hasnt got to. Now theres the problem that the bot wont fish shark. So it is frustrating. It's probably best to read recent comments and wait for him to post and everyone just stop posting.
  7. WHY have you not fixed shark yet? I cannot fish shark. It's been almost a week.................
  8. Post when fixed I guess? I expected a quick fix like usual buttt guess not.
  9. V10.7 of this script is getting denied? And why? What does that mean... Doesn't work at fishing guild. Says anti ban fishing, anti ban fishing, and onward. Even with antiban off
  10. Has anyone gotten banned using this? I want to get 99 but dont know the risk at what rate I should use this at. Script works flawlessly though.
  11. trialot

    African Crab Killer V2.0 [Totally NEW]

    Or just ignore my post..