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  1. I need a light portable laptop for school work and light gaming (league/css/tribot botting) I think im going with an asus zenbook 13.3 Specs: 13.3 Led screen Full HD (1920x1080) i5-6200u 2.3ghz (boost 2.8ghz) Gefore 940m-graphics 8 gb ddr3 256gb ssd 3x usb 3.0 1x hdmi win 10 Is this a good laptop? For 925 USD
  2. wont string maple longbows (u) Starfox it doesnt bank the maple bows after stringing.
  3. No, i clicked one time. And there are just two premium scripts in the fletch section. Believe it or not.
  4. Could you refund my credits, i bought wrong script. I'm very sorry. I hope i dont cause much trouble. Druid
  5. Bought Master fletcher AIO but meant to buy spiker aio fletcher. I even tired trial so i don't know how i messed up. Purchased 5 creds to buy his script. Could this please be fixed, would make me so happy!
  6. Could you contact me on skype: Kafuns Im not recieving creds.
  7. Your mouse movements are not the same as if it was done with a bot.
  8. Add me on skype : Kafuns 1m/credit
  9. Contacted you.
  10. 3.5$
  11. Can sell you 4. Please contact me on skype: Kafuns
  12. I got 4 credits leftover. I can accept, rs07 gp, rs3 gp, proxy or paypal cash. Skype: Kafuns. Got alot of offsite feedback, i know this doesn't count .