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  1. framble

    BEG Poh Planks

    Was banned within 3 hours 45 minutes on a rested account. Just a heads up
  2. https://www.sythe.org/threads/200-donor-vswitcher-1-leading-runescape-auto-switcher-god-like-addons-pvp-pvm/
  3. Solved: Delete Tribot folder.
  4. Ingame sounds are off. I have memory leaks even before i log on, as you can see
  5. Client just freezes when I try to run a script. I try to allocate 2gb of ram but i still cant run any scripts: https://imgur.com/9etXY4D
  6. framble

    BEG Poh Planks

    My client just freezes when i try to run the script. Doesnt happen with other scripts =/
  7. I have a problem with MLM, when it tries to bank all the ores, the bot clicks deposit armour instead of inventory. It keeps spamclicking deposit armour.
  8. @Laniax While using charged glory it teles to edgeville after crossing bridge and then proceeds to walk over wolf mountain to get back to ardouge, idk if this is a webwalker bug?
  9. Awesome script but the profit per hr doesnt work eventho it telegrabs loot @Optimus
  10. Can cross the spiked area, only triggers trap.
  11. Very nice script, unfortunately i wont be able to give any more progress reports, account was banned after getting 60 runecrafting.
  12. Hey, could you make it so the script has a bit more delay between eating each lobster. As it is now the script has to click the lobster twice in order to eat it. + Add shift click to empty pouches. + (Not needed but might be helpfull) add restoration pool support so we dont have to use stamina potions. Drink from pool in house and then use mounted glory to get back to edgeville.
  13. Trying to run with only small pouch, but the bot keeps trying to fill the pouch even if it is already full. This is on Mining/Agility, stam pot in inventory, keep food (lobster) in inventory. Logger repeats: Small pouch amount: 3 Small pouch amount: 3 Small pouch amount: 3 Small pouch amount: 3
  14. Trying to fill pouches when they are already full. Version 0.4
  15. Having very bad luck at mlm. 81 was highest lvl back two months ago.
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