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  1. I have a training method that requires me to attack my own accounts but I want these accounts to autoclick the rejuvination pool. The account i'm training isn't being botted for it and I'm only using TriBot for it's multiple instances with it's own virtual mouse. Could the account I'm training or the accounts that are being used on tribot for just autoclicking still be banned? It's like using a VPN or virtual machine and setting that to autoclick. I'm just wondering, and I'm not sure if this is the right place for this post.
  2. Congrats on release mate
  3. Last bot I had going went 34 hours strait without a ban or detection. I'm not using realistic break methods. Just 3 hours on with a 30 min randomness, then 15 minutes off with a 1:50 minute randomness.
  4. @Mute Whenever the bot is looking for a new spot or it was crashed by another player, *south or east spot* It would run far away to the other spot *east to south, south to east* then hop to another world. Run back to the assigned spot and repeat if occupied. It wasted a bit of time each time I would start the bot. Edit: Is this a sort of anti-ban or character trait that was developed, can this be fixed? Otherwise this is an absolute flawless scripts 10/10 I'd recommend to anyone else who is looking for a reliable combat script for people who don't want to be bothered when botting.
  5. can I pay via paypal or some other payment method for VIP?
  6. news to me .-.
  7. GE comming to 07 expected in next six months o-o Mod Ronan even said it on the bot ban twitch stream..
  8. YES
  9. i like it, Maybe add a blue tint to fit the TRiBot theme?
  10. Ex's scripts are also recommended ^ I used them for some time my self but i quite the game because even botting took up too much time for work.
  11. Okay after looking over some scripts I used to use when i played for cooking i'd suggest Tri Rouges Den. Which got me at the time 1-99 in no time. As for fletching i'd recomend Druid's AIO Fletcher. Well written and quite the flawless scripts. Any other advice please feel free to message me. Cooking Tri Rogues Den Fletching Druid's AIO Fletcher
  12. @Frosty XVII ill Thanks @Worthy being honest looking at your work is inspirational and makes me want to work hard to be as good or better maybe one day impress others and yourself. I will @Frosty XVII. I just finish AP Computer Science A in y online schooling and the didn't even mention specifics of packaging just how to set up my class. II'm taking a uDemy course on java and a Foundations to web design; so i can create websites for extra cash for medication. Basically the entire reason I' getting into scripting is to pay for insurance, medication, and hospital bills. Plus software development, web design, programming in general is a big part of my life and a great hobby.
  13. It wasn't something that ever came by my desk in class. We just created a project then a class and moved on from there. I'm new to the concept of nodes. Either way i fiddled around with it. Now i'm just trying to clean up my files so there isn't so much clutter. I figured it out though.
  14. Mmm. but the .nodes after powermminer. What do i do for that?