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  1. Confirmed, Trading.accept still broken.
  2. Thank you!
  3. In this snippet, the bot is supposed to repeat everything said by other players, except for the players in the slaveList. However, when I !ignore player, it does not seem to add it to the ArrayList, but it does print "ignoring + (name of the player)" Am I not adding to the ArrayList correctly? Help is appreciated, thanks! @Overridepublic void playerMessageReceived(String arg0, String arg1) { ArrayList<String> slaveList = new ArrayList<String>();String[] splitStr = arg1.split("\\s+");switch(splitStr[0].toLowerCase()) {case "!ignore": println("ignoring " + arg1.substring(8).toLowerCase()); slaveList.add(arg1.substring(8).toLowerCase()); break; }if (!isInList(slaveList, arg0) ) { println("Not in slaveList");}}
  4. I had the same problem, I deleted .tribot folder and it started working again
  5. Literally it is simple one vps is just stuck at login, doesnt type anything in, On all of the clients. But on the other VPs the script logs in just fine, is there something wrong with the vps?
  6. I have 2 VPS On the first VPS the script I am running works perfectly, logs in and runs smooth On the second VPS the same script will not login, it is stuck at the login screen, I have tried a few things, and not too sure what the problem could be. Could anyone help?
  7. Selling 07 at 1.59/m, link in signature
  8. I have already posted in the topic for my client freezing every 30 minutes or so. I am running LG on Ubuntu with a private script and my clients keep freezing consistently. I have updated java and redownloaded tribot and still my clients are freezing. I have no idea what to do, and would like this fixed as I cant do anything with my clients freezing every 30 minutes. Anyone else?
  9. Description of the bug (be specific): Client freezes How often the bug occurs: just about every 30 minutes Triggers of the bug (if known): Not known, i am running via looking glass on my VPS Java version:The latest TRiBot client version: Latest Operating System: Linux vps, ubuntu OS Script Name: Private TRiBot Old-School or RS3:Oldschool Console message: Client Debug: http://imgur.com/a/IZ2e0 Bot Debug:N/A
  10. Get the buyer's government ID and make sure they pay via PayPal balance for larger transactions.
  11. Thanks for the application man, taking it into consideration Appreciate the application, will get back to you
  12. Welcome Crimson! Great to have you on the team. - STILL HIRING!
  13. RainbowGP is HIRING! I am looking for reputable and friendly people to join the sales support team at RainbowGP. We are a fairly new business, specialising in buying and selling both 07 and RS3 gold, and we have quickly made ourselves known in the market here at Tribot as well as on several other forums. Due to a significant increase in traffic, I am offering a place for 2-3 additional sales support agents to join our team. Job responsibilities include livechat operation and buying/selling gold. At the moment, there are no time zone restrictions. However I do require that applicants have an minimum of 4-6 hours per day/5 days per week to work with sales support. I am NOT looking for someone that cannot commit to this. All pay is commission based, ranging from 25-35% commission on sales profits as well as weekly bonuses. I treat each member of our team fairly and strive to ensure that each worker is satisfied with their position. To apply, you must: 1. Have a high level of trust on Tribot or other forums. 2. Have the ability to communicate and operate well in a team. 3. Be willing to put down a deposit/provide ID for your position based on level of trust. 4. Speak fluent English (preferably first language but not required). 5. Be willing to commit yourself to this for a period of at least 6 months. Please respond to this thread if you wish to apply. I will be personally reading each application and will get back to you within 24 hours. Best of luck to all applicants
  14. I'm currently selling at 2.17/m via site