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  1. Snufflez

    forgotten password error

    u seem to struggle a lot with the internet
  2. Snufflez

    i just bought the 8$ a month now what??????

    now u become the true bot master
  3. Snufflez


    Tbh dont bother with tabs, pretty glitchy from my experience. Just use more clients
  4. Snufflez

    Changed heap size, multiple clients freeze.

    1000mb heap per client is way too much, even 400mb should be more than enough. Try double checking your heap inputs & restarting your computer
  5. Snufflez

    Nothing works

    I believe in you. Keep trying. Never give up. xox always remember that i love you
  6. Snufflez

    need help web walking

    delete the rs3 import code at the top and depending on your IDE i think you can click on the webwalking method to import again, select 07. Or just paste ' import org.tribot.api2007.WebWalking ' at the top in place of the rs3
  7. Snufflez

    need help web walking

    I believe this is because Walking.walkto only walks to a point visible on the minimap, so not a large tile radius. Try using WebWalking.walkTo for larger distances Edit: re: the EGW position error, make sure you're importing 2007 not rs3 webwalking
  8. Snufflez

    need help web walking

    Yeah, just set the tile coords to the sewers entrance, web walk, climb into the sewers (possibly supported automatically by webwalking?) and then walk to moss giants
  9. Snufflez

    need help web walking

    Try creating an RSTile (one tile on the map) and then walking to that. RSTile tile = new RSTile(x,y,); And then WebWalking.walkTo(tile);
  10. Snufflez

    Revenant Script ??

    this is the most fucking disjointed conversation I've ever seen. are u guys high?
  11. Snufflez

    Jagex is banning based just on total time played

    Sure, 1. I botted about 800 hours f2p on this account before membership via credit/debit for the last 2 months. 2. both. I usually run it near 48 hours straight and then take a day off. averages out to around 18h/day 3. i haven't played on the account legit for many months, it's overall total level is low and was created recently. 4. I write and use my own scripts so I haven't implemented a tracker 5. standard client 6. I'm botting something quite unique that gives me very little xp earned for the hours spent (2k/h)
  12. Snufflez

    Jagex is banning based just on total time played

    I've botted 1 account for around 18 hours a day (no breaks) for the last few months - totaling over 1500 hours in game time, no bans.
  13. Snufflez

    Adding a player to ArrayList

    Thank you!
  14. Snufflez

    Adding a player to ArrayList

    In this snippet, the bot is supposed to repeat everything said by other players, except for the players in the slaveList. However, when I !ignore player, it does not seem to add it to the ArrayList, but it does print "ignoring + (name of the player)" Am I not adding to the ArrayList correctly? Help is appreciated, thanks! @Overridepublic void playerMessageReceived(String arg0, String arg1) { ArrayList<String> slaveList = new ArrayList<String>();String[] splitStr = arg1.split("\\s+");switch(splitStr[0].toLowerCase()) {case "!ignore": println("ignoring " + arg1.substring(8).toLowerCase()); slaveList.add(arg1.substring(8).toLowerCase()); break; }if (!isInList(slaveList, arg0) ) { println("Not in slaveList");}}
  15. Snufflez

    Buying OSRS Gold

    Selling 07 at 1.59/m, link in signature