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  1. I have the same problem, can somebody solve this?
  2. Where do you have to leave your master account to let the bots trade it? And after what amount do they trade it?
  3. ive the same thing
  4. Update; troll stronghold http://gyazo.com/f94be68ef61c46728386cf403b62fc70
  5. http://gyazo.com/588f6cbebd744a7238e63c3ba4b26484 Death plateau done!
  6. Its 20% But i could do it for 6M ( normally 8 - 20% = 1.6m )
  7. Hit me up with a request! Into doing it. First 3 customers 20% discount!
  8. pls phisher pls
  9. http://gyazo.com/8c5dca4b81ac707f26fe9dfd34e6fec1
  10. Huh it wont download when i select the script it wont even load and doesnt even pop up
  11. Up, ready to take some orders!@
  12. Script is dead, can't download it from the sdn anymore Sad to see this. Hopefully you'll work on this in the feature or make your script public for a other script writer. @TehRhio
  13. Take a look at my service! Prices all included, ofcourse you'll get a discount! Just contact me on skype ( Look at my topic ) https://tribot.org/forums/topic/39049-%E2%99%95-07-aio-services-%E2%99%95-fast-reliable-%E2%99%95-ilxvl-%E2%99%95/#entry470933
  14. Online now, ready to take orders if anyone is interested go a head. Multiple quests = discount ofcourse.