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  1. ilxvl

    Connection error

    I have the same problem, can somebody solve this?
  2. View Account manager Add your account Save it Run a script select ur name click on start fill out gui DONE!
  3. Update; troll stronghold http://gyazo.com/f94be68ef61c46728386cf403b62fc70
  4. http://gyazo.com/588f6cbebd744a7238e63c3ba4b26484 Death plateau done!
  5. Its 20% But i could do it for 6M ( normally 8 - 20% = 1.6m )
  6. Hit me up with a request! Into doing it. First 3 customers 20% discount!
  7. Huh it wont download when i select the script it wont even load and doesnt even pop up
  8. Script is dead, can't download it from the sdn anymore Sad to see this. Hopefully you'll work on this in the feature or make your script public for a other script writer. @TehRhio
  9. ilxvl

    buying 50 qps

    Take a look at my service! Prices all included, ofcourse you'll get a discount! Just contact me on skype ( Look at my topic ) https://tribot.org/forums/topic/39049-%E2%99%95-07-aio-services-%E2%99%95-fast-reliable-%E2%99%95-ilxvl-%E2%99%95/#entry470933
  10. Online now, ready to take orders if anyone is interested go a head. Multiple quests = discount ofcourse.
  11. Did dragon slayer for a customer today! http://gyazo.com/a2b...d6b8df9cd3589c1
  12. Welcome to my 07 AIO Service. Fill this in Minigames Quests TOS You will provide everything needed for the service. I will add your skype, and you may then ask for confirmation. (I will never deny a PM) You will pay upfront for your work, or a middleman will be used at your expense. Both myself and my workers have the right to decline any orders. If I am unable to complete a service, you will be refunded for what is left. Any bans/mutes to the account(s) whilst doing services are not our responsibility. You will not log in whilst a service is being done, unless told you can. You will feedback upon completion of your order. My one and only skype; ossenaar0412
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