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  1. Before my questions I'd just like to say thanks for the script, working really well for me and working great at burning through slayer tasks! - Just wondering if it would be possible for myself to configure this script as a splasher (stopping the logout every 20mins or so)? - Was also wondering on how to setup safe spots when looting two or more items from one monster (e.g. black dragon) as the script picked up one one item, spam clicked safe spot before running back and forth
  2. Hey, the banking seems a little off, any help would be appreciated. I put item IDs in to withdraw a super set, all of 4 dose variety, 24 monkfish and a slayer gem. The script spam clicks on the 1 dose variety in my bank after already withdrawing 24 monkfish and then proceeds to enter in a weird broken loop of banking everything and trying again
  3. That seems to say it's safe to run 24/7? May have to resort to that
  4. Hey, any chance the price of this script could be reduced? I'm finding it hard to find a balance between not getting banned and gaining enough profit per day to justify the purchase of the script.
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