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  1. mithrilman

    Bot can't pass Welcome screen after patch

  2. 1 Minute later it's still trying to click safespot in this picture: I know you can't see much. But status 1 minute later is still trying to click the safespot still. this carries on until break log out. If you cant understand I can show you somehow in private.
  3. Hi, my safespot will missclick, and once it miss clicks the safespot (clicks the tile underneath which is a rock) it'll spam click until either i re-set the mouse position or break logout. can you fix this asap please? it's giving me trouble on my bots. Thanks in advance
  4. mithrilman

    Need help

    Yeah i had the same problem. i dont think that was updated on it. sucks but eitherway the script is being discontinued so ye :/
  5. Losing this script means I'm having to look to source a script elsewhere. :/
  6. The V2 doesn't cut it, its shit compared to this honestly. No safespotting, nothing. keep this one available until thats finished...
  7. mithrilman

    daxCombat v2

    Looking for safespotting like your old script. :/
  8. Are you using bot 'tabs'? This is a problem for me on some. It''ll use ur first bot tab.
  9. Any ETA on a fix? It's the smaller things in life i need to start appreciating more. This is getting on my nerves buying potions