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  1. Something I'm considering doing and would like to hear if anybody else has managed to do this as a fun little project in spare time. Cheers lads
  2. Hey I hope all goes well for you buddy, gold farming can be very stressful when things go tits up :D. Goodluck
  3. Its either range guild or cannoning. Crabs are a high botted area. All I know about any of that though Goodluck
  4. Yeah give me a shout when you do, I'll definitely buy a couple.
  5. Nah its bullshit. Other vps's were great, shame it'll run out soon. Hopefully he starts selling his quality vps's again and I'd happily return to them. These are cheap shit ones
  6. Client even froze with ONE bot running on it, So much for holding '4'.
  7. The vps I purchased doesn't even boot up now. Can you get ur shit together and start selling HALF decent vps's. These are a fucking joke mate
  8. A bond gets you 14 days, gp is pretty expensive right now too.
  9. Really disappointed Mybottingvps closed down for this, I used them for so long and now they've merged with you I decided to try these vps's. Absolutely awful. Within 12 hours it has reset twice forcing me to re-load all my bots and scripts. I never had this problem with them, will be looking to purchase vps's elsewhere from now on.
  10. Nobody trusts downloads, and for a good reason too. Runelocus even has dangerous malware on.
  11. I've used the same proxy for probably over 30 bans. Some accounts still don't get banned for weeks. I don't believe that bullshit.
  12. Couldn't help you on that one, many people say just changes if they ever detect the client again. Other say different.
  13. Damn. Back to #basics, thats hides. Cow hides.