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  1. Yeah but the thing is, that it wont allow whipping. I've had single enabled since I bought it, and it hasn't whipped once, unless I manually whip. If the opponent wants to whip, the bot will keep loading the default (DDS) setting untill the opponent declines.
  2. I personally think that odds staking is the way to go Sure you'll have more people to stake as a main, but I'd much rather have 53/47 odds than have 50/50 odds. But yeah, it's what you personally prefer.
  3. Bot doesn't do any other rules other than the main one, I've DDS as main and Single enabled, yet when I get a stake who would whip (I'd still have 60+% odds), bot keeps loading the DDS settings.
  4. Bot sometimes get stucks in second screen? It keeps moving the mouse, just wont accept it. Edit: Yeah, bot seems to get stuck on second screen quite often. Edit2: Now I'm banned, oh well, atleast I managed to rack up some profit.