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  1. Does the proxy help protect you from chain bans though? Like I mentioned all 4 of my new accounts got banned at the same time or was that just bad luck
  2. Interesting... so should I attempt to continue trying on my home ip without proxy? I figured it would be stupid after 4 of my accounts just got banned I must be in someway flagged.
  3. I started to bot zulrah on my main and after a couple hundred kills I realized this is a great opportunity to make some extra cash. I attempted to make my own bot farm. With 4 new accounts and one previous alt I started my journey. The alt who was considerably close to zulrah before this idea was the first to be banned after 4 days. The other 4 new accounts were all banned last night on the 7th day after reaching decent stats. I bot for two 5 hour periods each day with automatic breaks every 45-1 hour for 10-20 minutes and bot a multitude of activities during those sessions (combat, agility, quests) to make it look like real play. I did however cheap out and not get a proxy after researching it the general idea seemed to be for small farms it was not neccesary. I also used primum scripts only and attempted to avoid high ban activities like wc or fishing. Was my mistake not using a proxy or something else? Any insight would he greatly appreciated before my next attempt so i dont keep losing script money and bond money!
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