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  1. My Sig isn't updating also, how do I get the paint to show? Does it have to do with running it in safe mode?
  2. Stoked, just purchased, I hope for the best. <3 I hope I can get the money I've invested back out
  3. Mines worse http://polycoding.com/wbarrows/iregretz.png lmfao... didnt bother buying the script again.
  4. yeah i took out 20k and it runs like it should just found it weird, and felt like reporting it because i used to not have to do a thing. (when Im at school and check up with teamviewer and such)
  5. I had to manually place 20K in the inventory... I even moved all my armour/potions/food in 1 locations so that maybe it just wasn't able to collect it or scroll... I have 10M+ cash. Not sure if the green money affects it being able to take money out.
  6. Thing is, VIP isn't being frozen for the time lost, along with purchased scripts (like wBarrows is $15/a/m) and the thing is, I'm losing money. I know there probably isn't much you guys can do, but there has to be atleast something that can be done in return for the down time. I mean some botting sites dont ask for monthly payment to use scripts. I'm not saying the scripts here aren't good I'm just trying to say that we should get something in return for our money, and time being wasted during this whole process.
  7. I feel you there man. Im in your shoes. I've lost cash from this bot so far + $15...
  8. I wish I made 200-300K/hr... I lose money running this script unless I get incredibly lucky. Which I haven't. The bot died on me once (with a ring of life) and I've used up about 100 pray pots and i've only gotten a Torag's helm :/
  9. About to purchase this script, I would really appreciate it if someone gave me some help on good set ups to get the most out of what I pay for. 81str 70attk 71def 60mage 76 range 79 HP 46 pray