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  1. Selling 100m 07 $1/m, PayPal only. You go first and you cover PayPal fees, msg me if interested.
  2. swapped 07 gold to 12m rs3, fast service, very kind and patient, thanks!
  3. Swapping 1.35m 07 to RS3. Talking with Eva on live chat right now
  4. I have about 60 accounts I can use to get you shafts for 4gp ea.
  5. I did. There's not enough clay for my alts. I bought out everything within 20-30 gp
  6. True.... I just want other ways to get clay. I bought out the entire stock for decent prices.
  7. Looking to buy bulk clay 100-110 ea. PM me.
  8. tuesday when I first contacted him yesterday i did countless other accounts on my own, none of which were banned. only the 10 from the order were banned. I had never logged into the accounts before, they were all freshly created.
  9. Looking for people to do tutorial island for accounts I have. I want it done legitly, no bots. I'll pay 100k per account, and I have 50 accounts. Add my skype if your interested: subzerox52
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