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  1. When the script attempts to world hop it gets stuck. The client debug simply reads "Trying to update world list..." over and over. I assume this is an issue with tribot from the most recent update?
  2. Thanks worthy, I appreciate the fast turn around
  3. debug for the bagged oak plant is 8421. Also do I need to have a water source in my home or can it fill the cans from the sink in rimmington?
  4. I'm trying to use the script for bagged trees, currently I am doing bagged oaks and my inventory is attached in the image. The script seems to work fine but once it finished the inventory I get the following error: [20:14:29] FINISH MSG: Out of item to unnote I do have more to unnote and I am selecting the philes to unnote instead of banking. It also does not seem to fill my watering cans but that might be because its reading that there isn't anything to unnote before executing the watering can part of the script. The GUI settings are uploaded as well. I'm sure I'm just setting up the script wrong. Any help is appreciated.
  5. When worldhopping this script will sometimes try to hop to a bounty world (the world list has updated) and will get stuck on the selection screen. When you try to hop to a bounty world it will prompt the player for a confirmation much like when hopping to a high risk world. [09:44:55] updating0 [09:44:55] updating0 [09:44:56] Debug 2: Failed to worldhop! Destination world: 521 [09:44:57] updating0 [09:44:57] updating0 [09:44:58] updating0 [09:46:37] Debug 1: Tribot's worldhopper failed to worldhop! Destination world: 494 - false [09:46:37] Trying another world... just freezes there
  6. Anyone got any tips on preventing bans at MLM? I've done a lot of different settings but cant seem to keep accounts alive long enough to get a coal bag.
  7. I'm able to hook the Tribot client to the .jar version of OSbuddy. However the clicks will not register through tribot LG. For example, the bot will run and try to switch to the inventory tab but the clicks dont register with the client. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  8. osbuddy LG can hook, however when the bot tries to interact with the client in any way the clicks wont register. The bot keeps clicking on the inventory button but they client will not respond
  9. 6AM Central Standard Time for my American friends.
  10. Looks like everything is broken for now
  11. Any idea on when the death walking mechanic can be added? The free trial ran fine but whenever I get pked the script breaks EDIT: Getting pked quite a bit, cant run the script during peak hours
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