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  1. I think you misread my post I don't want to bot woodcutting, I was banned for woodcutting back in 2014
  2. I really want to bot again, lol. This is my account, I've been legit ever since. Been banned before for Woodcutting script back in 2014. Does that bar ever go down?
  3. This exact same thing happened to me, it's a stupid system in my opinion. I put 6.5 but only purchased 6 through paypal, and I wasn't paying attention because it didn't state anywhere that you can't purchase half a credit. And my paypal converts to CAD so I didn't even know I was only buying 6. Either just let us purchase VIP without these silly credits, or make it possible to buy the EXACT amount of credits so we don't have to pay for 1 extra credit, and have half a credit sitting on our account for no reason. And get rid of the "you can only purchase 5 credits minimum" stuff, ultimately if no one donates to this guy, he has to spend a whole FIVE dollars to get half a credit, that's honestly BS if you ask me. If I had .5 i'd send to you, lucky for me a generous person was kind enough to donate me .5 of a credit so I could purchase VIP.
  4. Is this the best combat script out there? Also, any advice on low ban spots for training strength for a pure is appreciated. Since experiments and crabs are near instaban these days, I'm not gonna bother botting there.
  5. Thanks man that's kind of you. I didn't even catch that it didn't say "$6.50" since it converts it to CAD, it was like 7 something. I thought the amount you put in is what you'd get, no idea that it wasn't possible to buy the exact amount for VIP. (Though in my opinion, I think you should be able to purchase exactly enough for 1 VIP, instead of 7, what's the use of having .5 of a credit on your account?)
  6. Wtf? I put "6.50" for the credits I wanted to purchase, and after the payment went through I only have 6 credits. Now I can't buy VIP because I'm missing .5 of a credit... and now i'm fucked because you can only add at least 5 credits.. you kidding me? This credit stuff is kind of designed to be confusing, whatever happened to just purchasing VIP keys.. Had I known you couldn't buy half a credit I would have just put 7. Any way an admin can give me .5 a credit that I typed in? Or refund me so I can buy 7 credits?
  7. Surrender

    abit help me

    You're gonna have to be a bit more clear mate.
  8. I dont even want to bot for supplies or money, I want to do combat skills like strength and range.
  9. Hey guys, back in July of 2014 I received a 2 day ban "Bot Busting Moderate (ban)" while cutting Yews in Catherby and was able to play afterwards without a permanent (because some people say you get perm'd after that). I'm stupid because I did that on my main, and I've been clean playing on and off ever since then, that's like a good 8 months now. Only thing I used since then was an auto-clicker for Alch's recently and never got banned. However, I want to get back into the botting scene again, I miss botting lol. It was fun. But I honestly don't want to create a new character and start botting again.. too lazy to get all the skills up to a required level THEN start botting, I have a lot of quests done and shit that I'm not down to re-do unless one day I get perm'd. So what do you guys think? Should I change my IP Address and bot again? Do you think if I was flagged, i've been kind of cycled out of the system since I've waited a while, I mean are they still watching an account from 8 months ago? Any success stories of botting after a Bot Busting Moderate? I'm looking for some input before I potentially bot again. What do you guys think? OSRS of course.
  10. I keep hearing this statement over and over and over again. "Bot safe", etc. With the amount of people getting banned in RS, how can this argument even be valid anymore? Some people have botted for under 2 hours on new ip addresses while babysitting and STILL get banned. How can it be possible that every single one of these people are amateur botters? And PLEASE elaborate on how to "bot safe" if you've gone over all the steps of botting safe, it's not rocket science, it's not that hard to follow guidelines on how to bot safely. It seems these guidelines are trash because it only works for like 5% of people. IF that. @ OP I miss those days, where i'd literally be botting alch's for 17 hours a day, botting range guild all the way to 99. It was actually almost more fun than playing the game, just watching your bot go. I really wish something changes, the ban rates are crazy high, I wish Jagex would just allow botting. It helps the economy anyways.
  11. I want to use this script so bad, except I'm scared to bot. I was given a 2 day ban back in July for botting woodcutting, and this is my only account. My stats are pretty good, it's a pure. I'm getting strength up, i'm so SIIIICK of killing fucking experiments. I'm dying to bot. But I know if I do it i'll just end up getting banned .. what to do..
  12. I'm so tired of manually clicking my alch lol, I've been banned on this account once in July for woodcutting. 2 day temp. I'm scared to bot again, is the ban rate high for alching? I was thinking about using an autoclicker or something, but how is that even detectable if you set a like 1 second interval for each click? How can Jagex detect you're using an auto clicker if you're literally just clicking in one spot? I could just say I was sitting there spamming click.
  13. How's the ban rate on this? Anybody been banned recently, do you bot in busy worlds or alone?
  14. I actually had the same question. I was botting on a pure that turned into my main back in July and I was banned for Woodcutting yews in Catherby, it was a 2 day ban, but now I have an urge to bot again.. on the same account. Reason being is because my stats are already in the high 70s (str, mage, range) and I REALLY don't want to create a new character, pay for members, pay for a script, and then start all over again. I'm wondering what my chances of ban would be if I were to say, pay for a Range Guild script?
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