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  1. So far, so good (on tea stall in Varrock). Working well, i like what i see.
  2. Script is awesome. Works good for me so far.
  3. Bought credits. Went all smooth and fast, as always.
  4. Bought Credits, all went smooth and fast.
  5. LOL. I liked that. Looking forward to it.
  6. In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.

  7. Thanks, running smooth again.
  8. Great work as always. Thank you!
  9. OMG. Thank you so much, love this script right now.
  10. Support for deposit boxes would be so awesome. Actually thats why i bought this script in hope that it will deposit.
  11. Thanks for your work!
  12. Working very well so far (at Barbarian outpost). But i tought this script banks at deposit box, sadly it doesn't... Just runs somehere.
  13. Nice guide. Very helpfull!
  14. Thank you very much! Great work.