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  1. I love using this script, but I don't see an Option for Castlewars Teak Tree Chopping with a shift drop method. There is only Ape Atoll, or Hardwood Grove
  2. I've got 70 con using this script, I will be continuing after I finish my high alching. Might bite the bullet and make Mahogany tables.
  3. Hey mate, still making Iron Arrowheads instead of Iron Knives. I thought you were going to fix that?
  4. Tried to Curse/Alch and select Low Alchemy, but nothing shows up in the box where I can select WHAT to alch .. ? How does one do that?
  5. Bought 10m OSRS Gold, service was fast and efficient. Great group of people, doing their thing for the community
  6. Hey bro, you can use my account to use. I will add you on Skype and we can go from there. I have 48 Con, and still training. Let me know if you're interested.
  7. I don't see any Cannon Support? I thought you said it had EVERY feature? What HP does it eat at? How many food does it withdraw from the bank? Why can't I select these options? Why don't you have them in there?
  8. using the free trial ... doesn't eat when low HP @ Rock Crabs, then I die to a frem warrior .. So, I start at Seers bank, and it goes to "walk" to the west rock crabs, and fails. then runs backwards and forwards. 10/10 would not buy for $6 for 2 weeks ... seriously. The fact that it can't even walk to the spot where you want it to walk, what if I was AFK botting and it died like it did? All my items would have been gone because Deathwalking isn't good.
  9. LordDan

    Dragon Slayer

    Price on dragon slayer script?
  10. JJ, you need to fix the banking ASAP. Make it 100% flawless.
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