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  1. My bad, this can be closed. I cannot transfer credits yet.
  2. Title says all, add me on OSRS when you are ready to trade. IGN - DontPcayJosh
  3. Yes, same issue with me. I guess I cannot buy credits anymore through my credit card. Solution is to pay with btc or buy from resellers.
  4. Yeah, I am trying to get ahold of an admin. I don't think I have access to the other IP from previously as I upgraded my ISP.
  5. Tried adding my paypal account, after verifying it with TriBot and click Purchase I instantly get the error about something being Fraudelent with not even letting me attempt to login through paypal or anything.
  6. Hello, for a while now I have been trying to buy credits. I enter my credit card info and get the little checkmark than it loads and get an error that it got declined by the payment processor because it may be fraudelent. Not sure what to do, been like this for a while. I sent in a message to the staff with a picture of my credit card just incase to prove I own it or whatever let me know what is going on thanks!
  7. Also, USA please do not make it premieum yet. :/ Please give it till around the end of feburary. I kindly ask if you can postone till the end of this month, or around there. It's going to be valentines soon Share the love.
  8. I have personally been using the client side break handler, it works fine for me.
  9. N/A Delete this please, sorry.
  10. Title says all.. Need a private script made. Very simple and easy. Please post your skype where I can contact you, or you can add me... joshking1221
  11. It is true... And yes, Thermal Throttle would be a carrier issue. As well as how you are handling your laptop, Thermal Throttling if so happen can be easily fixed with a CPU fan connect via USB. Not just that, but Thermal Throlling has nothing to do with my point. A PC part is a PC part. As I have three seperate gaming builds in my house, and one of them happen to be an ASUS ROG G751JT. (gaming laptop) - So if a Laptop has an Intel Core i7 - 4710hq (example) and so does a Desktop. They both have the same exact CPU model, so both CPUs are the same speed. - The only thing, that laptops tend to have that are changed and revised than a normal PC part would be a graphics card. Example would be a GTX 970 vs a GTX 970m (mobile) The original 970, would obviously beat the mobile chip. But even than, that was expected as they two different PC parts. Unlike the point I am trying to bring.
  12. 50k or so.
  13. Be careful, if you are looking for someone to do some work on your account. Make sure its a trusted / reputated member at least.
  14. This is the correct section for buying / selling in game "items". Hence the world " Item Exchange " He did nothing wrong.