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  1. I'm doing this on an ironman it keeps trying to pick up other people's loot anyway to fix this I'm all for supporting your scripts I've bought a lot and love them thanks tri
  2. got it working with that guide thank you so much but why is it so laggy im trying to black jack with lans premium and its so laggy its failing and i m only achieving about 4k xp an hour
  3. its just keeping a white screen i got the jdk now and its loading but it wont load up its a blank white screen
  4. i download the jdk one but yet when in java it says jre it will not show jdk?
  5. http://imgur.com/a/HTFe2 there's some trouble i have setting it up I try opening it in the standard java that loads the regular client its not working either will just sit there at a white screen, I got banned within 2 hours using premium scripts so Im not sure if I use looking glass it will save my ass or do you think there already watching my IP could anyone give me some assistants setting looking glass up pleASE. and thank you.
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