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  1. insomniaa

    Accidentally bought too many credits

    How did you pay with paypal in the first place ;O?
  2. I got a plan. You buy the script and test it then let me know if it works!
  3. insomniaa

    Venezuelan bot farms?

    Just bec their economy is kinda fucked, doesn't mean they are stupid. They know what ppl pay for training services you can't just hire them for 0.10$/hr.
  4. insomniaa

    scripts running poorly ot not at all

    Must be frustrating to experience stuff like this, but wouldn't it be better to make use of other scripts? afterall free scripts are less profitable for you and Tribot. I suggest you to use trails on premium scripts and see what works best for you.
  5. Will do, currently working though gotta work for 4 more hours. Thanks for the help in adanced =]
  6. I have tried to start a custom rumble hard and started the bot from there it wil work The main issuei it's purchasing regulair hard rumble instead of custom hard rumble.
  7. This is what happens: It purchases regulair Rumble hard mode It dies then repurchases regulair hard mode rumble
  8. insomniaa

    ExNMZ custom hard mode fail?

    I tried, even tried to contact the owner
  9. insomniaa

    ExNMZ custom hard mode fail?

    ExNMZ custom hard mode is failing for me how can I fix this? or are there any others
  10. insomniaa

    [FREE] [ABC2] [MOTHERLODE] [BETA] Fully Loded

    Looking good keep it up ;p
  11. insomniaa


    No worries we all have our own moron moments =]
  12. insomniaa

    Refund on Credits

    np! enjoy =]
  13. insomniaa

    Refund on Credits

    upgrade to VIP-E days for $2 at bottom side on here: https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/vip/ Goodluck!
  14. insomniaa

    [FREE] nBarrows Return

    What would be the most efficient routine?
  15. insomniaa

    [FREE] nBarrows Return

    Looks interesting, I might try this out on 1 of my zulrah accounts ;p