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  1. I am also having problems with the script stopping me at the ladders, can be there for hours..,
  2. I think the script needs to be updated. Ever since OSRS updated this morning the bot isn't attacking anything...
  3. Bump
  4. I'll go into more detail now. Yesterday I didn't have much time. I'm looking for either a Perm/Temp Supplier, I currently have 2 suppliers with ranarr's. Basically how it works, as your a new supplier I'll buy 3m worth off you. And any profit made on the ranarr's will be injected back into Ranarr's. I'm currently on 56m with one supplier and the other 34m. Its business at its best! So, anyone with a brain will understand, the cheaper I get the ranarr's, the more I can inject back to you. However, I'm willing to start with a supplier at 6.4k. But then, as time goes on. I will be wanting to go lower, to prove there is PLENTY of GP that can be made if I can purchase the ranarr's at a lower price. Thanks
  5. Yeah same, 185ea sounds like a nice price to me. PM me
  6. Hey, I obviously want the price as low as possible. I already have a couple of sellers that supply me with them! But I need a few more atm. PM me if you wish to sell
  7. Bump this thread. Would pay good money for this script!