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  1. you will more then likely get a ban if you continue botting after a 2-day, especially if its got high ban rates like rc and tanning
  2. snaple

    First ban

    yeah its pretty much going to be 'looked at' a littler harder then if you had no ban. id recommend to stop botting on it if you really care that much about it.
  3. snaple

    Received 2 bans.

    Here is what i would recommend. 1. Create a new account on a new Gmail email adres 2. do tut island legit and trade bond + teleports + staminas ~10mgp 3. do all f2p quests/1 def quests/ or just all quests in general as many as you can do in one day to get NMZ ready with the rock cake. set that as the goal for the end of day 1. Follow slayermuisiq 1 quest cape with minimal skilling because you will be surprised with how op quests are in the beginning of the game, make sure you do animal magnetism and i go ahead and get 43 prayer to help beat bosses quicker. 4. in between getting a few levels for more quests you can bot those while using looking glass, only use ABC10 and greater. 5. Once you are NMZ ready, get 50 range using cannon or whatever, then do nmz with prayer pots and MSB(i) and rune arrows until you wanna stop. go from there. only bot max 12 hours a day. preferable when jagex would be sleeping ie UK night time. hope this helps. its not easy but i feel like its helped me look more like a legit player.
  4. Yup used rockcake from 50 range.I only botted during jagex's non work hours so 11am-12AM Central pretty much. Just takes time, i had 2 99 range pures banned before this account. but pretty satisfied with what i know now. Thanks! couldnt of done it without you <3
  5. why would you bot alching when you can just autoclick it? ive gotten 99 mage doing that like 3 times and never got a ban. but when i stun alched or just botted alching i would get banned
  6. nope, just gotta git gud kid
  7. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q_911lF72D-Qn5GnuEwj4oIu2Qz4jLQMEAzqs56owlM/edit#gid=1419402858
  8. Yes you do. Click Debug -> Inventory and it will show you all the game ids in your inventory, and 24 of id absorb pot (4)
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