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  1. Hellojake25

    2 days ban

    I've literally just returned after a 2 ban and have currently been fishing for over 3 hours and nothing... yet. Will keep u updated. I'm sure my time is coming lol.
  2. I've been botting pretty much everyday from 80 - 99, playing around 8 - 10 hours a day.
  3. Just reached 99 fishing! 1 - 99 completed botted : ) Now what scripts or skills would you gentlemen recommend to move onto next? Happy botting, yall!
  4. Hellojake25


    Sorry to hear about your ban. You can easily buy a similar account from Playerauctions for around $200.
  5. I'm currently botting Minnows, has anyone got any tips / advice to not get banned doing this? Thanks
  6. Having problems using fishing trawler minigame. After the game is complete it runs behind the general store and begins to click constantly on the same spot. Thanks
  7. The game runs fine but when the game is finished, it doesn't go and inspect the net and instead goes to the back of the general store and repeatedly clicks at the same spot. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. It currently won't let me do fishing trawler or fish at otto's grotto. The status just says ' walking to fish ' and at fishing trawler the client isn't doing anything Please help. Many thanks
  9. Hi Jake! I'm a producer for MTV's Ridiculousness. We want to use your Youtube clip of you scaring your friend in the blue shirt entitled "2016 scare cam. Got him!!" Can you reply and let me know if you'll let us use the clip for the show.  Thanks!


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