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  1. thanks for the update
  2. does any one use looking glass with this? just purchased and it seems to be working fine but I see other people having issues with it I also see it miss clicks a lot? any way to fix this? I also notice some times, it goes full retard right before it kills the boss doesnt switch to right pray or gear, then pretty much suicides.
  3. whats the best travel method for this? "what tele items should i have?"
  4. Is looking glass for vip members or vip+ I remember when it was first releasing it was for vip+ members only.
  5. so bit new to proxies, could I a proxy through the broswer and playing runescape 3 on that browser with out any notable lag? basically I wanna run tribot through my normal IP using looking glass, and run runescape 3 playing by hand legit with the proxy to mask my self. but then i wonder if they check HWID and this wouldnt conceal my MAC as well i would assume?
  6. hey thanks for the reply, was thinking of maybe getting a vpn, thats client base, and can just turn it on and have it link to the RS client,
  7. Hello, pretty much question is in the title just looking for some one who has some insight, I wanna try out rs3 since ive never played it but wanna keep botting on my oldschool account, is it possible to do this "safely" with out getting the ips entangled so it looks like im playing on 2 accounts at once? also.. best way to pay for the account with out using same payment method as osrs account? thank you for any info and your time
  8. I think its a looking glass issue, tried pick pocketing warriors and it worked fine. for some reason silk stall wont register on the client
  9. Edit: ok so i got to the actuall put in what you wanna steal part i go to custom cause i want a stall and leave the first tab just on default settings and it wont do anything i set tile and no banking.. any help
  10. looking to buy 4 credits having a hard time trying to find you online =/
  11. How many credits are you buying:4 Have you added me on skype?: yes Are you paying with 07 or Rs3 gp?: 07
  12. wish it did, but sadly it did not
  13. scripts kinda buggy, stops a lot, no death walk if pk'd, profit says over 400k paint says other wise using stam potions/glory will try to update with more information