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  1. Just want to update, holy shit this guy is awesome. So he sat down with me to try to figure out the problem I was having and it seems many others have been having as well. Very nice, checked out everything he needed to checkout and got it working swiftly once we were able to chat on skype. I've had this script for a very long time "years and years now when it was the old pricing" and I never really post reviews or talk much on this forums especially on specific script threads. But, I gotta say between the few combat scripts I've used I have always used this one. Thanks again tri, -Hyperr
  2. Web walking broken on all scripts or something? trying to use dax/default with tri combat and I can't get it to work in the strong hold or the sand crabs. not sure if it is just his script, or what. seems like mute crabber doesnt work either... I've cleared out tribot in appdata and temp folder in local and such and still having the issue.
  3. The walking back when de-agressing is a new bug after they updated the fix on LG it seems or maybe a runescape update that screwed it up at the same time. once tri gets on im sure he will reply and get in touch with some one having the issue to resolve it for the rest of us,
  4. ok so it was working earlier today, just fine it seems it broke mid day, so seems they are still fuckin with the client..
  5. Anyone else having issues with sandcrabs? It runs to the priest area, then stays there spamming what tile its suppose to run back to. SYMPTOMS: Paint is not displaying all of a sudden wont show exp a hour or anything will state that im fighting kills and not obtaining profit though. after aggression reset it stays at the de aggression area and spams the tiles coordinates it is trying to reach. I am using LG
  6. i have 94 range 90 mage and the full standard void so I should be good. Alright thanks for the response man.
  7. Alright cool cool, I searched through the thread a bit after posting and saw the same claims. So, just a few more questions. How helpful is this plugin/overlay? I've never attempted zulrah before, just botted it figured I wanted to learn how to do it and the overlay should help. As some one who hasn't done zulrah at all can I do it fine with this plugin first try? Normally I pick up on things pretty easily. What are people making at zulrah now a days? any other tips?
  8. Curious, has any one ever been banned from strictly only using this "bot" or program or what ever you would like to call it.
  9. I remember when Looking Glass was being first released for Vip+ members or w/e status it was. Botted a really fruitful main with really well rounded skills and some being more focus and in the 90's. I used zulrah bot "safely" without Looking Glass because, Looking Glass ran it to slow and made the bot die a lot and then got banned Realizing wow... Looking Glass is Broken AF. So I am curious If using Looking Glass and mixing in Hand Play of doing quests and such and other minigames/chatting with friends will still be as safe as it was when it first released?
  10. Wow, that's def for the best in this job market. 2. Ahh sorry I did not articulate that clearly to you, for that I apologize. What I meant to ask: Was your general background that of which, you explained and How much time hours a day essentially for how many weeks or months for you to grasp the concept of actually producing something.
  11. Wow thank you so much, for taking the time out to answer my questions very thoroughly. That in itself motivates me even more. I will def look into that material you posted from java. This leads me to 2 more questions my friend. 1. Do you currently/planning on working in the tech field from learning how to program from this? 2. How long did it take you personally before you thought "hmm I'm ready to tinker with this and create a script." ? Thank you again for your very informative post!!!!