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  1. The free script for an hour in the west room did not impress me like your Tri AIO. I would pay $5 for the fire giants premium though definitely not $10.
  2. People who buy gold usually buy it so they can power through botting sessions with good equipment. Jagex is banning these players. They don't want gold anymore since they quit after losing $100+
  3. s2pid

    Best Jad Build?

    Your stats will obliterate like Exodia
  4. s2pid

    unids lmao

    not with NMZ breaking the game
  5. EXP gain, hours of play, level gain, random event failures, being moved to 85/86, game chat logs
  6. The logic pathing saves yet the GUI doesn't. I can't load my settings consistently like other bots.
  7. Is it possible to stop the bot from running away when there's a random? It's a dead giveaway at caged monster locations and is too close for comfort with the frog random (fails about 1/5).
  8. Does anyone remember Perfecticus fighter from the Nexus client? God damn that script didn't skip a beat. It was enjoyable to sit there in awe of the coding work.
  9. I'm willing to pay for something simple that cycles through the 3 new chests and that's all it needs to do. There will be a team on standby so it does not need to be a complicated script.
  10. If they could listen to commands from a clan chat I imagine using hotkeys for commands such as follow X or attack X.
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