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  1. i keep getting this error when i try and run RS3 bot! http://gyazo.com/3030635ed7f579b80e395a36aef56c46
  2. i keep getting this error man http://gyazo.com/3030635ed7f579b80e395a36aef56c46
  3. this is the ERROR i get! http://gyazo.com/3030635ed7f579b80e395a36aef56c46
  4. ive done that im running it like this i just get this error: http://gyazo.com/ea58c3b5fb63bc69a684f0c1d8b36024 im so confused please help me
  5. i get this error http://gyazo.com/c42e8fd28a84be7b6deb8beff14cad73
  6. how do i download or load the RS3 bot?
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