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  1. Open to all requests!
  2. Yes, PM me if you want a private script made for the minigame.
  3. Accepting requests.
  4. Yeah I'm taking his request right now.
  5. I think you need to add a poll? I'll try to review when I have some time. Edit: I see.
  6. Yes from me, good luck.
  7. If you still need help, PM me, I can assist you
  8. You can view some open source programs to see how people have dealt with this issue
  9. Yes
  10. Thanks, I like yours too
  11. Good luck
  12. No, just make sure you define a path with distance b/t tiles ~3
  13. You can also generate a custom path and walk that path. 1. Generate path path = PathFinding.generatePath(currentPos,endPos,false)2. Walk path Walking.walkPath(path)
  14. Bought 87 credits, nice guy, nice service.
  15. I could make a private one for you