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  1. The announcement that was up during the bot downtime said VIP/VIP-e users would be compensated for bot downtime.... When will that happen? Is there some place I should post?
  2. Any chance there will be extensions for non lifetime purchases? I bought the 14 day trial and tribot went down roughly midway through it.
  3. this. we pay for a service, the least they can do is be transparent and let us know
  4. is it really not worth it to use the regular mode anymore? really don't want to pay for vip extended again just to access this feature, but is the regular client safe?
  5. The script causes the client to freeze/stop working.... Any solutions to this? Every other script I have works fine, this one starts fine and freezes after 10+ minutes.
  6. i was told only the admins handle these types of issues?
  7. I had two purchased lifetime auths I deleted from my bot (thinking I could just add them again) I was cleaning out my bot of old/unused scripts. Unfortunately when I try to reactivate them I'm only using the trial version... not the full version like i paid for, i have pm'd the admins and I've been waiting for days now.... is there anything else i can do?
  8. Firstly I NEVER said the admins were responsible you need to learn to read. On the other hand there are BANNED users with their scripts still in the repository.
  9. hey, fuck off..... would like actual help not dumb shit spam
  10. this circlejerk over the safety of tribot is ridiculous lol i wish someone could offer actual advice rather than, "it's your own fault, you downloaded/clicked something" or "run malwarebytes"
  11. read my posts, i'm not blaming Trilez, i'm blaming one of the MULTITUDE OF SCRIPTERS. i don't download random shit, i've beening botting games for years and have never ran into a problem i know its not hard because i dont download random shit, i don't click phishing links. why don't you read the posts before you comment
  12. I don't think it was tribot itself but one of the scripters edit; i've been using this bot for years on and off, I've never had a problem before.
  13. it was a virtual machine on my own computer, but it had nothing to do with that lmao.
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