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  1. Is Jagex logging Specific computers?

    They also uses your webcam to see if you are sitting in front of screen or not
  2. ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR]

    Tried to make me ironman when going to mainland at the end. script is broken.
  3. Hello, everyone, i am Tom, and i am studying website developing in Vilnius. And learned allot in past 2 years. I am looking for some small projects i can work with. most likely PSD -> HTML. HTML5 / CSS 3 BOOTSTRAP Javascript/JQuery Please contact me here, or skype: romualdasgold I can accept RsGp as payment. 1/6/2018 - BUMP
  4. Jagex

    I got banned this saturday, and sunday, they hired someone to ban bots on holidays
  5. is jagex not banning accounts rn?

    They are working on weekends also from now on. in this month i got banned 10 times more than usual
  6. is jagex not banning accounts rn?

    In past few weeks i got banned allot more than usual. got banned this sunday on all accounts
  7. 'This field is required'

    Just enter "fuckthisshit" in auth field, and you can log in!
  8. This new Forum Theme give me man flu

    Nothing is being done about world hopper for 22 Days after bug report - we complain Something is being done not usefull at all, and i am sure allot of people had trouble logging in, because they are forced to enter something in authenticator - we complain Authenticator This field is required entering : "fckwhatsthis" in auth field helps me go thru
  9. Making OSRS Scripts for Free! Send requests Via PM!

    Make me a script that buys items from G.E. with the price and amount i set and with load/save settings.
  10. Worldhopper

    i posted bug report 21 days ago. And btw, Osbot gets you banned on sunday. LOL
  11. World hopper bug

    Yes, i posted a bug report 20 days ago.
  12. when is trilez on i need the bot

    next week
  13. @Usa is the script working perfect? i am about to buy it, but many premium scripts are not working these days.
  14. So you are going to fix it yourself, or what's the point of this list you just posted?