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  1. I guess everyone has same problem, looks like tribot get new bug every few weeks, and also get fixed every few weeks.
  2. So i am about to buy VDS today or tomorow, but there is something i can't understand. they are offering me these 2 Windows server 2008 standard Windows server 2012 standard will i get operating system like windows 7? i soo many guides for setting up botting VPS, but never soo a VDS or DS guide like how to use them?
  3. what about speed of processor? does it matter?
  4. so there was a bit of discussion about what computer to buy. is it better to have 16 core or 8 cores is enough ? to run like a 40 scripts? mine is i7-2600k CPU 3.4Ghz. like what tribot running with script takes from computer? Do the proccessor speed matters?
  5. really, it did not worked after first restart, but works flawles after second, still a mistery what happens that you have to do it twice
  6. open beta

    i got lag using it, shows like 1 second, then another 1 second is freezed.
  7. you don't need to make non stop 5 accounts. 1.make account 2. do tutorial iland 3.wait 10-15mins to see if its locked 4.if gets locked start from step 1 just sharing my experience. i usualy get away after few accounts.
  8. not sure then, i have same issue on 1 of my proxies right now, but on second or third account they don't lock me.
  9. Bad proxy provider, had same issue. search someone else. but you should be fine after making 2-3 new accounts on that same ip, as i noticed they stop locking eventually.
  10. is that about my PC? windows 7?
  11. so i have this computer, and i can run only 15 bots, CPU usage is 100% and ram is at 12GB usage. Can anyone tell me what computer stats has to be so i can run 100 bots?
  12. thx guys, i will try it
  13. So i bought my first VPS, and i can make any of these operating systems. can anyone help me setting it up? last time i made runescape on vps, it crashed after 5-12 hours and i had to reinstall operating system. witch one of these i have to use?