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  1. Looking for 40-80 or 40-70 strength, and 40-70 range. on a 40atk/1def/1 prayer account. i have added your skype already.
  2. When i hit the download button it gives me a choice of Keep Discard and then instantly goes to a .jar file like shown http://gyazo.com/fdb47c43d909b331eee897cbb9e77323 Keep or Discard http://gyazo.com/6d1cf97b1b1205b1e39aebb0f143252b After pressing keep. So is my win.rar detecting this as a .jar when it shouldnt be or?
  3. So i hit download and extracted Tribot to a new folder on my desktop. i have Java 8 installed updated 31. so the newest one available. When i go to the Tribot>org>tribot>loader folder i cannot open any of the actual documents am i missing a download that i have just overlooked or what am i meant to be doing? http://gyazo.com/b2c6d831dc0e4dcfcd2ccbae7e0cd9c5 This is what it looks like.
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