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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys, i fixed this by simply delteing the tribot folder and downlading new java
  2. it says in the client box my hp is greater than 20 so safe mode is disabled and it doesnt do anythign what do i fix im on the first level
  3. just updated java and jdk still having same problem only next step is to delte tribot folder..
  4. omg this is so fucking anooying im running 1 script with 1 auth the nmz nightmare script and it fucking keeps saying to many instances used for this script ... wtf?! i downlaoded new java version and new jdk still didnt help this is a bug with the client how do i fix this do i have to delte tribot all together from my computer or what please some1 help
  5. Hi i have a mac and every 10-20 minutes my script stops working and says instance manager maxium number of instances for this auth... even after i kill the auth in the instance manager it still does this i have just downloaded the latest version of java this started happening maybe 2 days ago i cant run my script for longer than 20 minutes i tried everything troubleshooting i reset my internet i even took my device (mac) to a new loacation for internet and it still does this what do i do
  6. m8 ive restarted and eve retarted computer stil having this problem im running it on a mac maybe i hould update my java idk
  7. i had a instance in the manager i killed it right now and started botting and it did it again idk what to do now =/ ima look over the steps thanks for replying buddy and ur help
  8. i have a mac and also at my house are two wifi network option (wifi) or (wifi) 5g is the 5g network better for macs and rs or stick with the regular network?
  9. MY device has been working well for about two months i gained a couple 99 stats botting this just started happening recently , anytime i go to the instance manager theres no scripts to kill? which is what it so confusing u know what i mean everything is updated on my mac and it seems to run everything smoothly its just a bug going on with the instance manager
  10. ^ it will drop sometimes and say account logged in but all i gotta do is log back in currently im at work with a stronger internet connection in the office and it still does this any ideas?
  11. after 20 minutes of using this auth on one client i keep getting "to many isntances ran for this script" ... what do i do? this jsut started happening
  12. omg this is so fucking anooying im running 1 script with 1 auth the nmz nightmare script and it fucking keeps saying to many instances used for this script ... wtf?!
  13. 1 bot 1 script
  14. hi my bot keeps stopping and i get this message in the cleint and i only run this script one time so i shouldnt be getting this problem how could i use max number of instances? "The maxium amount of instances for this script has been suprassed stopping script (1)
  15. In need of 8 credits some one