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  1. Yeah, but all that will do is only buy/sell 5x at a time. Thats okay though, thanks for the help
  2. How can i get the this script to consider buy/sell limits? ex. if I can only buy 5 of an item every 4 hours, will the script continue to buy after the 5th? if so how can i get it not to
  3. I'm saying it gives them an idea of accounts to look into, I don't mean it makes someone considered a bot automatically. I considered this too. The difference is that a bot does not even attempt to log in during this period. A regular player does try to log in, and chooses not to play after realizing the servers are bad. They are also likely to try to play again later on to see if servers have been fixed, all while the bot accounts are untouched.
  4. Not necessarily the same time, but they'd follow similar patterns. I'm saying it gives them an idea of accounts to look into, I don't mean it makes someone considered a bot automatically. Of course it's easier for them in cases of longer bot downtimes.
  5. I realize, but I'm saying they watch the online/offline patterns of each of the main bots. Seeing as its not likely for a person to switch to another bot just because Tribot is down for a day (for example), it's a valid technique
  6. With this long bot downtime, all of your bot accounts are conveniently not touched for the 1 week+ while Tribot is down, and will immediately appear used again when bots go back up. Jagex knows exactly when bots are up/down, each account that follows this pattern of the bots being online and offline will be flagged and will slowly be banned. Although they won't do a mass wipeout of all of these accounts as to expose this, they will slowly ban off the majority of these flagged accounts. discuss my theory
  7. juller22

    zAlcher by Zainy

    definitely a needed script, other alchers stop working after like 100 alchs ill give it a try next time i need some alchs done!!
  8. youre doing something wrong then, should work fine make sure you have -65+ mage attack bonus
  9. bought this recently, very simple setup, does the job very well and i'm satisfied :>
  10. Yes tyvm great service he did both skilling and questing for me, was very fast and kept me updated on the progress
  11. dont you need like 300 total level to vote on those should pass either way though, no one likes randoms
  12. Have you added me on skype? If so what is your name.: yes What quests need to be done?: Vampire slayer/tree gnome/lost city/grand tree/fight arena/requirements Is it a new account or an account already started?:started Price you want: agreed on 4m
  13. how do i set it up to use my main weapon for spec? would i just put the weapons item id in the spec box or what
  14. made me a small customized script for me, was very fast and helped set it up for me, thanks =)
  15. an average trip would cost between 350 and 600k coins i believe that normal drops would pay for about half of the costs, you could probably do about 20 kills per hour including kc time and other stuff arma hilt drop is 1/500 boss kills so it would take 25 hours average to get one? this would be 3m per hour for the 75m arma hilt (or 1.5m/acc if duoing, 1m/acc if trio, etc., but would get more kills per hour) disregarding all costs (which should be easily covered by common drops as well as other armadyl items) this would obviously be best with multiple accounts, or even with friends this could potentially be a very good script!
  16. would be cool if someone could make this pretty easy boss just need to pray range and attack dont see why it cant be botted gl script makers!!
  17. is this bot functional on a mac? i remember seeing something that there were problems with mac/linux
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