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  1. Can this script be used to run slaves that run ess to my main which will not be botted? Any chance for lava support?
  2. I've been searching around and haven't seen many of these script and was wondering if a scripter would be willing to take this on. A Runecraft running script that would simply run essence to a specific person at lava altar or any other altar. Could be good money and would also keep peoples main accounts relatively safe since people pay for these services ingame all the time.
  3. Wow just noticed this is a premium script.. When did that happen. Anyways Naton, great script i've maxed a few accounts almost suicide botting (with breaks) Here is one of my old proggies
  4. In my Gif it says its only 5% from the game finishing but thats because i ended up taking the gif late. It actually starts right after the first invent is done so its around 40-45% of the game left.
  5. Hey Encoded, I noticed something and i'm not sure if its a bug. If you have 8 or less inventory slots filled with gear/food the script seems to idle only relighting the brazier after the first inventory for the rest of the game. Normally the first inventory takes approx 60% of the game to complete then it just sits there for the remaining 40%. ** this seems to go away after the first game since you then have a loot crate in your inventory. ** If i have 9 or more slots filled it will run normally from the start. Client Debug: No errors at all Bot Debug: No errors at all My settings: I do not have the script set to idle at 500 points. Other than that seems to run great
  6. You're probably going to want to post this in the script post so the dev can give you proper support.
  7. Hey Naton, this script is very good and i've gotten mad gains with it. One suggestion, would it be possible for you to make the script purchase a random amount up to 255 doses at a time from the shop rather than exactly what's needed to fill the inventory? Like if i have 51 doses of absorption in my inventory it will go buy the remaining 27 doses only. This kind of looks bot like. Other than that 10/10 Most recent proggy Using this gear
  8. Alright so, since i started botting again i noticed i get loads of "Connection lost... Attempting to reestablish " notifications but i never actually fully disconnect after 3-10 seconds it recovers and i'm on my marry way. ( i use a proxy ) Running 2 client windows and it only happens to 1 at a time, when my connection is apparently shitting the bed i quickly look at my other client and its fine... Also my OSB client is working just fine with 0 lag or anything. Does anyone else have this issue?
  9. C_O_T_W

    What vps?

    So like what sort of specs should i be looking for?
  10. C_O_T_W

    What vps?

    So i'm looking to invest in a small time vps for botting probably 2 clients. What sort of specs should i be looking for? Is something like this ^ sufficient? or?
  11. So i put my client paint delay at 40 and my usage went from this To this While OSB is pulling a constant 20%
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