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  1. legit man, got my first kill ever! lol with 78 range 82 mage, gnna train up and try again thanks again @Worthy
  2. hi im currently 60 slayer i need to get to 72, how much and do you take rsgp? thanks
  3. handmade
  4. i want 60-72 slayer power leveling, anyone could do this, on osrs if so, lemme know a price, rsgp. thanks, stats are 70 atk, 70 def, 86 str, 99 range
  5. could you do 60-72 slayer? im 70 atk, 86 str, 70 def 99 range, thanks
  6. added you on skype, but i've gotta go work, so speak later.
  7. Could you do 60-72 slayer please?
  8. works fine for me tbh, gp/hr and run time is messed up but still works fine.
  9. probably around 40k/hr-60k/hr.. depends if your using potions. it's a great script though, it's worth it and i got 99 range from it haha
  10. try close your paypal account, then re-open.
  11. This probably won't help you, but ive been botting 24:7 no breaks for the past 2 weeks fishing so I think it's down to luck but use breaks if your worried about your account and also yeah botting on weekends is probably safer then during the week
  12. i bought a similar account on ebay for £150 so try your luck there
  13. mostly over the weekends, but we don't know when they ban, so it's up to you
  14. i'm also getting the same problem, it's deffo bt customers i even tried osb and still no luck so went to there forums and ofcourse more bt customers can't use rs one thing tho if you did want to play is go to google, then type in oldschool rs, then you'll see runescape game. it will then allow you to play or you could use the link. http://oldschool6.runescape.com/j1 that's legit, i hope this helps.