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  1. sorry lol, new to this pasting updates etc, i got a question though, how can i add it as a signature like yours is? thanks.
  2. well what can i say, loving it, 1 acc
  3. you are welcome, seriously well done though, lets hope Tuesday there is no ban hammer
  4. very good script, got full void range + mage helm in around 11 hours. 100% recommend using this well done @Netami
  5. as title, want to try out vip extended, will pay many thanks
  6. yeah probably, i don't mind though lol what would you recommend hours wise?
  7. ok thanks worthy, already made around 10m thanks
  8. hi guys does anyone know that if i want to run it 24 hours, would i need an extra trident or would it just log out? thanks or just overnight if possible
  9. stevo1991

    Best free bot to get banned

    coongrats on the ban lol
  10. yeah i agree with you, i think it's where i re started the script in the cave, then once it ran out of food it went to bank and then got stuck at ladder now running good
  11. @Tri i set the bot up, no problems, but im 1 defence and it had to bank so when i checked after 7 hours, 5 hours of that was standing at the ladder could you please fix? there is a few other posts with the same issue thanks and merry christmas.