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  1. I have quite a bit of money & time invested into botting. Last night I caught a ban hammer, and now finally going to use looking glass. I am running on MAC, and am looking for someone to "TeamViewer" into my PC, and assist me with getting it all set-up and functioning. You will br compensated for your time, as I have monetary interest in botting. Feel free to message me here, or if you have an iPhone, iMessage me at [email protected] Thanks in advance.
  2. I believe I have updated properly, When I try to log-in to the client, I am getting "connection error" Is TriBot down?
  3. Hey everyone, I used to be pretty active throughout the forums a while ago. I've played runescape since 2002, and "officially" gave it up in 2011 after I joined the Marine Corps. I ended up getting married, and having a daughter in 2014. I now had PLENTY of time to spend in the house. So i jumped back into runescape, and of course botting, A year goes by, life starts picking up, and I had to retire once again. NOW TODAY! I get the idea to hop back into the game, and play again. (botting of course) I create a brand new account, new info, new computer, new IP address (moved from where I was the last time I played) Made it through tutorial island by hand, make it to lumbridge. Now I am back to a noob account, so now time to buy some gold. I flip through Sythe really quickly, and find some old friends. Purchase $100 worth of 07 gold, log in, meet the gold seller. This is where I have to laugh at myself. Now remember, I have literally had this new account for LESS THAN 20 minutes.....I turn on the Tribot client, start my account up, load the newest autowalker I could find. Make it all the way to Grand Exchange, and.......... BANNED. Well, if this isn't a sign that its time to give up an old beloved game, then I dont know what is. Make fun, and laugh at this. Cause I sure did. Enjoy the game everyone. This game grew with me since I was 10 years old. (26 now) it was fun, but I think this is my last time I ever come out of retirement.
  4. My Wife live streams on Twitch, if you want an awesome time, come watch! twitch.tv/s3yaa
  5. Luckily I have not paid for the script yet, and just using the trial. Do you happen to be knowledgable about that script? I would love to have it going.
  6. Oh my! I am so sorry! -I am using Tau Grand Exchange! -Yes I have checked the OP ( the set-up instructions are WAY out of date) -Yes I tried directly contacting the scripter
  7. Well, after just seeing that theirs an AUTO GE bot. I decided to start back up again.. I've used bots for years! (since 2008) and this one here has me stumped.....I cant get the bot to get past going intoGE, then going IDLE. Anyone that can help me over Skype? I'll give you a nice donation for helping me!
  8. I literally just started a New account, paid for members, Paid for VIP JUST to use this script, and I can't figure this thing out.... I've used merch scripts in the past. Hell, ive been botting since 2008.... and this script has got me all sorta of twisted up.... I cant get the bot to get past Idle... HELP! Anyone?? EDIT: If anyone is willing to help me out, I could throw a nice donation their way! I can screenshare via skype.
  9. It logs out and says out of runes, when Im really NOT out of runes. I DO have a staff equipped. So it may not recognize it. EDIT: Still wont do more than 1 cast. It casts and then logs out.
  10. I think I need to make a hyperlink (pretty sure that's what its called) I need this: This will be in my signature
  11. Well, I feel dumb. I was trying to log into all my accounts with an extra space in the name. Nothing was wrong. I was just an idiot!
  12. srsanford92

    Runescape Down?

    Is RuneScape down or something? I go to log into my accounts, and it tells me I need to have a display name set, aswell as log-in errors occasionally. And ALL of my botting accounts passwords are different. I know I have not been Hacked. Im too cautious for that to happen.
  13. Warfront, helped me out ALOT, we sat trying to figure this thing out for 5 hours. Big props to him.... ALMOST had him stumped, but he figurered it out alright! Big vouch for him!
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