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    www.swaprs.com is a website specialized for exchanging gold from RuneScape 3 to RuneScape OldSchool and from RuneScape Oldschool to RuneScape 3.
    Our Skype: live:swaprs07
  1. How much Gold are you swapping?: 13.5 [07 to Rs3] or [Rs3 to 07]?: 07->rs3 Did you add me on skype?: yes
  2. In past 20 days 3 mules got banned. 1st - 400m 07 2nd - 180m 07 3rd - 70m 07 GF gps
  3. Its working now, better then ever! Thank you!
  4. Can someone please explain how to disable this?
  5. How do i disable this? I'm getting 50% less profit...
  6. Script is great, but there is one problem. Peddler should use mini map. Time to time he's trying to click pedal, even its not on the screen, so whole operation gets stuck, lowering profit per hour.