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luck or skill

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  1. Does tribot admins/staff/mods not reply if the problem is 2 hard???? https://tribot.org/forums/topic/67618-lg-errors-trilez-reply-plz/ had this post up for months, STILL have the problem as many others do as well got 1 responce from @TRiLeZ saying "Which client are you attaching to? OSBuddy?" and then no responces when i answered or from other staff/admin like is the problem 2 hard? it has legit reduced my botting by 70% because u cant use breaks and if u get dced it cant log back on? ive been asked to keep it to one thread but oh look no one replies hopefully someone will see this n help us out
  2. Description of the bug (be specific): NEVER logs back on with Looking Glass. so cant take breaks. so cant bot 3/4 of my usual time How often the bug occurs: when ever my internet spikes and causes the bot to log off or when i would use breaks (but i cant now) Triggers of the bug (if known): logging off Java version: JDK 1.8.0_65 32 Bit Max Heap Size: 512MB TRiBot client version: 9.303_6 Looking Glass (yes/no): YES Operating System: Windows 10 Script Name: ANY SCRIPT jj's auto fighter TRiBot Old-School or RS3: Old School Client Debug: [15:08:15] Script Ended: JJ's AIO Fighter Pro. [15:08:24] Downloading script 'JJ's AIO Fighter Pro'. [15:08:28] No settings file arguments has been passed [15:08:29] Script Started: JJ's AIO Fighter Pro. [15:08:33] Login bot started. [15:08:34] Login Bot: Login... [15:08:35] GUI has been finished, starting script! (Then it just sits there and dsnt do anything) Bot Debug: NONE Screenshots (if any): do u want to see my log out screen haah
  3. nice dude, ive been meaning to have a look at blast furnace but this vid defs convinced me to check it out
  4. ima try this tonight
  5. so ur paying 100k for someone to do tut island per acc?
  6. @Tri the banking is broken it just logs out after it does an inventory
  7. but its been going on for months surely there is a fix but im not getting any help
  8. had to manually click on Existing user or else it dsnt log in can we plz get a fix?????????????????????????? @TRiLeZ @Usa @YoHoJo @erickho123
  9. if u dont use LG ur asking for a bann, jagex can obviously detect tribots client. uselg use lg use lg if u value ur acc
  10. [email protected] $1.3 is no where nearthe cheapest hahaha u can find 1.2 on tribot or cheaper from private sellers
  11. i use this script quite a bit, today i have had zero problems, but the past week have had to baby sit it, which is fine, i watch sht and check it every 15mins
  12. yeah sounds like a nice script
  13. come on guys its been days now.... which mod is selling credits at normal price? im not buying creds at 1.5x the price as they usually sell thats a total scam
  14. How is this still down 2 days later??????
  15. @warfront1 just stops as soon as i put in what i want it to makee :\ plz fix
  16. @erickho123 please fixxxxxxxxx every few it just stops in bank and does nothing. when i withdraw logs myself it continues but otherwise it timesout n logs off :\
  17. @Starfox this works for a few mins then stops cause it cant find logs? althought i have plenty
  18. yup, well i use use this service before its gone :\ he just did mine n he said hes free atm so do it now he didnt need pin or anything so he wasnt scamming me
  19. screen shot dude. he did it for me btw i live in nsw @Australian Made
  20. Did Firecape for me FOR FREEEEEEEEEEE also was really cool cause he let me watch via screen share with skype. Was super fast, professional and easy to work with! THANKS
  21. @Jimsky88 i think ur pics are broken i cant view them at all?
  22. just do some hardcore legit playing for a few days :\ that may help.
  23. was about to buy this script... seems liek there is a load of problems with it @Druid any idea of when another update is coming out?