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  1. WB Farmer BETA

    @WillB got another acc to 24/7 this badboy i messgaed u on skype as well
  2. Highest and lowest ban rate scripts?

    i run aAgility many hours a day with manual breaks... its a decent script 30 mins a day really? lol
  3. Liam's Simple NMZ

    @Liam. I like this script, its works, its free, i like it. i have used this a lot in the past and have just come back to it and haven't had as much luck. I havent baby sat it but it hasnt made it through a game, it always ends up dying before it used up all absorps, first game it went rhough about 1/4. i just set it up and let it run, it kept trying to rockcake even thought it was on 1 hp, so i had to jump in and click absorbs so it wouldnt die. Will update with bugs from this run and with the debugs ok ran for about an hour, still had loads of absorps and overloads left... and the debugs dont report any errors, bot debug just has this for the last few mins [19:23:45] Absorption (4) [19:23:45] before drink [19:28:51] Before handler [19:28:51] Absorption (1) [19:28:51] Absorption (2) [19:28:51] before drink [19:29:29] Before handler [19:29:29] Absorption (1) [19:29:29] before drink [19:29:31] Before handler [19:29:31] Absorption (1) [19:29:31] before drink [19:33:01] Before handler [19:33:01] Absorption (1) [19:33:01] Absorption (2) [19:33:01] Absorption (3) [19:33:01] Absorption (4) [19:33:01] before drink [19:33:02] Before handler [19:33:02] Absorption (1) [19:33:02] Absorption (2) [19:33:02] Absorption (3) [19:33:02] Absorption (4) [19:33:02] before drink
  4. wtf are u kids crying about? this script is fully functional? been running the the last 24 hours and have gotten from bronze to dragon and a dozen dragon defenders
  5. |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    ehhhh sorry man, i didnt see the part of teh gif where u need to build the first item yourself for it to pickup the preset. thanks for the reply :\
  6. |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    @Worthy cant start this??? type in Larder space then Oak larder Click search and nothing happens??? click start and nothing happens???
  7. [Premium Scripter] Looking For Some Script Requests!

    check the rep theres currently a fully functional farming script
  8. |w| Quests [ABCL 10] [5$/m/2acc OR 15$/lifetime/unlimited]

    @Worthy is this flawless? i dont want to buy a quest script if i have to fix it up ever 5 mins? im happy to baby sit other scripts but not a questing script
  9. Getting Banned Alching Opinions?

    i stun alched to 99 tbh, fast af xp
  10. Taking script requests for free

    nieve is the only bae tribot needs btw im happy to beta test
  11. Are ads in scripts allowed?

    well Master Walker AIO when u finish with it it comes up with an add for his other scripts and even redirects ur browser to his page... so i presume it is allowed
  12. Taking script requests for free

    @Eru A nieve slayer script
  13. LAN Runecrafter [FREE][AIO][ABC1/ABC2 Level 10]

    @laniax any chance of progressive ♡♡♡