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  1. just make new accounts once a week or so when ur selling gold or every few days, trade the 1b over but get ur fresh acc to trade u items as well.
  2. throw a price out there boi
  3. when will pricing be out for inferno?
  4. cant take purple sweets in there dumbass
  5. i'd be happy to beta test if you need help? and yes id be keen to use it
  6. @Trustmybet ive tried messaging you a few times on skype??? not hearing back are u having problems?
  7. lol i did... messaged you on friday search me jonnjon92
  8. @Trustmybet ive messged u on skype and been messaging @dmpest looking for some powerleveling
  9. i get this too @TRiLeZ @Usa @YoHoJo
  10. "rockcrab" hahahahaha yes nmz is lower bann rate
  11. isnt there like a bump button at the top of the page?
  12. #youcantbuylove #yoursinscannotbeundone #tradewithcation4eva
  13. does this work with decanting pots? ive been looking for something like this will try tonight tyvmm
  14. defs ex-NMZ tri's is a good script but its got so much antiban its about 25% slower then other scripts
  15. @Tri whens worldhopping going to be fixed? its a massive problem for me? and half the reason i bought this script