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  1. @Aropupu are u ever gonna bring in fletching or the brimhaven course? would be cool
  2. Auto Firemaker

    this is why u use LG
  3. How does one go about getting a refund?

    whats outdated n such?
  4. I broke the Rules. help plz

    title says it all. my account is flagged so whenever i try to purchase credits it wont let me. ive added like 4 methods and they all get instantly flagged. so i made a new account (rule breaking) to transfer me credits and my gold seller said this was against the rules of tribot and linked me to the rules section. which i find to be true. Obviously i dont want my account banned can i get the other account deactivated or something? or can i keep the account to get credits as my account is unjustly flagged?
  5. Selling Gold

    just make new accounts once a week or so when ur selling gold or every few days, trade the 1b over but get ur fresh acc to trade u items as well.
  6. do my english homework [paid]

    throw a price out there boi
  7. when will pricing be out for inferno?
  8. The Inferno

    cant take purple sweets in there dumbass
  9. Barrows script?

    i'd be happy to beta test if you need help? and yes id be keen to use it
  10. @Trustmybet ive tried messaging you a few times on skype??? not hearing back are u having problems?
  11. lol i did... messaged you on friday search me jonnjon92
  12. @Trustmybet ive messged u on skype and been messaging @dmpest looking for some powerleveling
  13. break handler not working

    i get this too @TRiLeZ @Usa @YoHoJo
  14. Is NMZ botting safer than other bots?

    "rockcrab" hahahahaha yes nmz is lower bann rate
  15. donating

    isnt there like a bump button at the top of the page?