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  1. Bought mm and animal mag. no idea how he does it so quick :$ absolute monster 4th time ive used tanged service
  2. doesnt castle wars give u xp?
  3. @laniax yo progressive mode wud be boss as
  4. when is the free 2weeks?
  5. Last location before getting banned?: Edgeville Skill botted?: Botted most skills Breaks or no? yes If so how long?:never botted for more then 3 hours break 1hour How long did you bot per day?:6-10 not every day tho Banned before?:no Type of ban?:perm macro VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which) no Scripts Used? tri tzaar fighter mainly Other Bots Used?: no How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 Date banned?: Fresh account/Days acc used?: a few months old I had a 6 day delay on the ban, is that usual to get delays that long?
  6. haha restarting ur client resets ur emailthats attached to ur account nice
  7. Ordered 70-72 slayer and 20m
  8. @YoHoJo i have already done a bug format thread https://tribot.org/forums/topic/67618-lg-errors-trilez-reply-plz/ and i got one responce from trilez asking which client i use but then he stopped replying. so i made this thread to try a different approach. i have disabled literally EVERYTHING on osbuddy i have also tried using the normal osrs client. i usually only run 1-3clients and even on 1 client it does not log back in. Oh also what extra info would you like? in addition to the info i filled out in this thread and the one i posted above I understand im in the minority with this problem, but its still a problem so im doing my best to get help and get it fixed :\
  9. hows it going dude? im sure it wud be a popular script
  10. ok been having this damn looking glass bug for ages now (months) where the client cant log back into my accounts this has killed my botting by 3/4 and i need it fixed. now i use Looking glass with osbuddy but have tried with the normal client and it still cant log back in. ive deleted the .tribot folder in my AppData>Roaming file. Is there ANYTHING else i can do. i get some responces from @TRiLeZ but no follow up. would be awesome to get a fix here Can anyone suggest a fix or im happy to let a mod teamview me @Usa
  11. @fdfretes i wouldnt recommend using re-sellers of credits as they charge very high prices like 1.5x the normal amount. Work out Bitcoin. then ypou'll practically be paying the same, most sellers have a small fee. It semms like majority of users get Flagged. even if they werent using a vpn this defs needs to be resolved.
  12. oh the other alternative is buying rsgp and selling them for credids or just buying credits from like @YoHoJo or someone else who sells, but i think they sell at 1.5x the price of a credit so i wouldnt recommend unless u dont care about the 50% cost
  13. @idrisity sadly all you can do it find another card/paypal or use a different payment method I think majority of users have had this problem. myself ive had 5 differnt cards/paypals blocked. its a joke. but sadly they refuse to fix it up. So you can use Bitcoin, thats what ive been using, its quick and easy
  14. @eiron depends on ur set up. if you have had 5 accounts all banned within a week or so, then u may have an IP bann and resetting ur ip OR getting a proxy (i recommend using @Tanged proxys, his seem to be high quality at a very good price but if ur not having a problem like then then looking glass seems to be sufficient for myself. i was having a problem with banns (no looking glass), so i used a vpn and then a week or so later got lazy and started using my home internet and no more banns. ofc i changed over to looking glass as well.
  15. @vanishp0int can u post the letter here so we can see the quality of the work? @Sephirofl it seems like many peoplehave used ur services on this site. any successes?