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  1. luck or skill


    @reafus you need to download it <------ the "download" button under Browse, then open the downloaded file? its a .jar
  2. @laniax can u add custom spot? cud b cool to be able to pickpocked a trapped knight
  3. He last logged on May 19th... a month ago so many complains about the script
  4. @NewBotterFTW this use to be god tier script ever since ur big "rewrite" its never worked properly for me set it up at barb village trout/salmon shift dropping and it seemed to be fine, came back an hour latter to it just idling till it logged out and logging in and idling sigh
  5. luck or skill

    Tears of Guthix [Open Source]

    @FALSkills will test this tonight, how fast is this? it only runs for a few mins so wud be cool if i had zero delays and got max xp? is this better then humans doing it? (rc xp plz)
  6. script still running so i'll keep giving u updates, and i'll jsut edit this post if there are more updates. the bot was killed and after that it didnt hop just teled straight to lvl 41 wildy instead of edge? bit strange? Also can it wear one of the amulets? and why does it always run to lvl 28 wildy instead of 30? and can we get an xp/h on there? tyy
  7. @HeyImJamie so it seems ok, after one run it went to edge bank and worked well. then after returning to alter it had to hop and after hopping WALKED to edge bank from lvl 38 wildy??? dafaq?
  8. luck or skill

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    @Encoded seems to be working really nicely a few things that it could improve on 1)can it eat while waiting at the door to exit to save time? 2) can it withdraw the correct amount of food needed to eat at bank and for the next game? thses two things will make it much better thanks!
  9. luck or skill

    Auto Favour Pro Development

    @Encoded need any testers? i have a few accounts that cud be run on this
  10. luck or skill

    Auto Cooker [Open Source]

    Ok found some very bad bugs @Encoded While doing wines, it randomly will (i presume) accidentally withdraw random items from the bank eg a tele tab and because it dosnt "bank all invent" these items stay in ur invent and mess up the xp/h The second and much more worrying bug i found was that that bot would somehow click "use" on the wine and they it cant find the "bank" option so it just stands there with the wine selected found both of these errors quite a number of times
  11. luck or skill

    Auto Cooker [Open Source]

    @Encoded script stops on resizable mode?
  12. luck or skill

    aThiever v2 [Pickpocketing]

    @Aropupu bae can u add dodgy necklaces? they are muhc better then gloves of silence and cheaper
  13. luck or skill

    JoeDezzy's Private Script Shop -- Low Prices, Fast Turnaround

    @JoeDezzy1 how long do u support the private script for?
  14. luck or skill

    How to make money f2p? Fishing?

    @fidgetwhistler ive found the best way is to mass create accounts, maybe 100 or so, hand level up skills till you have total level of 500 or 700 and then suicide all 100 of them at chickens and only pickup the raw chicken, n sell them. the accoutns should last about 6 hours or so at chickens so you will reap so many monies Above method is @YoHoJo aproved