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  1. luck or skill

    EzConstruction 1-33 (or 99)

    will do tomorrow
  2. luck or skill

    EzConstruction 1-33 (or 99)

    stops after every level after 10 and asks me to bring 10k and build a kitchen and dining room???? but i have already done that. its building tables lol but stops when it lvls up
  3. luck or skill

    My lifetime scripts all disappeared at the same time?

    thats fucked
  4. My lifetime scripts all disappeared at the same time? I realize these probs had a expiry even though its "lifetime" but they all went at the same time? wot i liked them! anyone have any ideas? can i get them back?
  5. luck or skill

    Oak Goldfarmer [Free]

    sick script any chance of adding in a mule option eg every 2 hours?
  6. luck or skill

    [ABCL] Lunar Flax Spinner [Money Making]

    @wastedbro bae wud u make a sick af script like this for Superglass make? i wud love some sweet crafting gains
  7. luck or skill

    Einstein's Miner - Probably the best Miner on TRiBot

    @Einstein how is motherload atm?
  8. @Tri does this attack the new lvl221 tzaahs that drop the obsidian armor? Can it pass the hot vent to get to them? Can it safe spot them? Does it loot obsidian armor?
  9. luck or skill

    Tears of Guthix [Open Source]

    any update on the speed bae?
  10. luck or skill

    New to Botting!

    pick cabbages
  11. luck or skill

    gg tribot, i get the message

    lol was away from botting while my VIP ran out, came back to run a free script and got this message [20:28:20] Downloading script '[Beta] WB Farmer'. [20:28:28] Since you are not a VIP user, you may only run free scripts for 2 hours every 3 days. Please try again later, or purchase VIP. havent used tribot for a few days, (usually i use it everyday) and i get back and cant even run free scripts. i get it tribot u suck ass I love that you integrated resizable mode... I hate that over the past 2+ years there have been login issues... LG is useless as it fails to login and i get similar with the non LG client every other bot, this isnt an issue. i reckon 90% of scripts on the repo are legit DEAD, i try to report the ones i find that are dead but nothing happens right now im going to osbot and dreambot, they both have very good scripts that i can use without having to worry about login issues, dreambot has a slayer script and osbot has so many fantstic free scripts. pretty sure im not allowed to talk about other bots? so let me know and i'll edit out their names, because ofc u dont want others talking about comparisons of other bots while tribots been broken for 2+years gg cya in a week when i give up being annoyed
  12. luck or skill

    Genie Solver

    u can choose not to dismiss randoms, but it dosnt talk to the genie or complete ANY random event
  13. luck or skill

    WB Farmer BETA

    ive found it can use lunars teles, normal spell book, glories
  14. luck or skill


    @reafus you need to download it <------ the "download" button under Browse, then open the downloaded file? its a .jar