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  1. Whenever I try and use this script it just ends after logging in then closes the Tribot client. After trying to start the script again I'm being told I've exceeded the limit of accounts i can use the script on even though it keeps closing itself It manages to load the GUI to setup the bot; but once the script clicks play now and succeeds login tribot closes
  2. Didn't work. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong
  3. I used this command in terminal. xdg-open TRiBot_Loader.jar I also have a desktop view of Ubuntu but when I right click it and run through java runtime it doesn't do anything. I set java 8 to default but it only gives me the option to run through java 11; could this have something to do with it?
  4. Hi, I'm using ubuntu 18.04 via Google's Compute Engine. I have got the desktop GUI and am trying to play Runescape via it. I am able to run OSBuddy no problem but when I try run TRiBot_Loader.jar it literally just does nothing. Windows works fine; this is happening on Ubuntu desktop.
  5. WallasSwag

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    Need it for VIP Trial. Make an offer
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