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  1. Can someone add me on Skype and help me correctly install and use my proxy for tribot. I can't get it to function properly.
  2. Can you look into the bot picking up the teleport scrolls? Not looting it and it saves a lot of money since scrolls are almost 10k ea now
  3. Hey can you help with with alch settings on skype. For some reason it has to double click spell tab to get 1 alch off very bot like Edit: Got help from Tri it was all user error like most of my problems! Thanks again for the support
  4. Nishy

    Proxy Error

    UPDATE: I got it to work Now i can't run any scripts it says maximum amount of instances has been surpassed
  5. Nishy

    Proxy Error

    I was using on Tribot for 2 days prior just fine
  6. Nishy

    Proxy Error

    I deleted all data of Tribot from %appdata% and re downloaded it and it still isn't working. My proxy website is saying everything is fine. I can use it on regular internet but not Tribot.... Someone please help
  7. Nishy

    Proxy Error

    I was just using it not but an hour ago. I had to restart my internet because it was acting up and when i tried to connect to the proxy that happened.
  8. Nishy

    Adding Proxy

    So i purchased a legit proxy and it gave me the IP/port etc.. I go to the control panel on the website and change the root password and hit config to enable it. The website says it's enabled and everything is good to go. I go to the Tribot loader and when i try to add the proxy nothing gets saved, i'll type in the IP address and when i click over to port the IP address will disappear. Can anyone please help?
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