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  1. a similar idea I have can net ~225k profit/h with even lower reqs on a lvl 3
  2. Hey Gosu! Thanks for your feedback. This script, assuming good lap times, can net upwards of 500k/h with very low requires on a lvl 3
  3. Wasn't aware of #1 If they wished to make it premium and give it to me for free for the idea, i'd be A-O.K. with that
  4. Let's say java dev for ~38/hr, taking out taxes because this is 'under the table', 38*.66 (~33% for taxes) = 25$/hr which is still a lot of money! Don't think/hope this script will take 4+hours
  5. Request: Pm me for details Description: combination rc Payment Amount: 50m-75m ( can negotiate) Time: no rush, resonable time though(5-7 days max?) Additional: pm me for details =)
  6. Okay, script works. Assuming it is fixed to one npc that we choose AND the amazing feature of changing mouse speed, if it works this is by far the best ardy knight thieving script that i've used of any bot client
  7. https://gyazo.com/30d983b6d45911ae39dfc6460b9df5a5
  8. I/you may have broken it haha! restarted bot client and did has you said. Hovered over npc and pressed CTRL as i've always done. It will not thieve the knight now
  9. it'll work sometiems, but then try to get other knights in the area
  10. https://gyazo.com/a454c4366ee132df81e0718c8b9a31b3 The ONLY knight I want it to thieve is the one trapped inside. But sometimes it'll try to click off and go thieve other knights, but can't since it's a closed room and gets stuck.
  11. Great script! love the fact that it's so customizable. There is one big flaw that I have found (unless im doing something wrong). For ardy knights, which is arguably the best stable gp/xp/h the goal is to trap a knight in a room so it can only walk east-west 2 sq's, i'm sure you know of this. When you do "CTRL + click npc" to tell the bot which NPC you want to pickpocket, it will thieve from the trapped knight, but it will also try to thieve from other knights in the area, making the bot 'break'. Can you make it so (whatever key) + click npc makes it ONLY thieve that individual npc?
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