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  1. Hi i need some quests doing, account is currently on 149 QP i want RFD finished. there is 4 subquests left to do. want this doing asap please. Also long quests like desert treasure etc are done. all required quests are done just need the QP req finished and final quests
  2. Could get a refund on this? not really working
  3. Works ok atm but i have to babysit it, sometimes stops attacking all together and will lose the mobs completely, the 2 times i have left it to afk at all it has died :/
  4. Hi, im using this to stun/alch at the moment, and it does it well but a little bit to well, it has no pauses and looks very bot like because it does it all so fast..is there anyway to make it a bit more random?
  5. Been running this all day...no profit really, idles around most of the time hardly anything gets brought/sold
  6. Ive been using this for the last hour or so and it hardly managed to buy anything? as in 1 or 2 items..am i just being inpatient?