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  1. Had the same issue a year ago. Shit happens. Doesn't mean you botted, means your account has some type of connection to your bots. Via Trade, IP, maybe a new account getting tons of mils a night? So many things. Take this as experience, learn from it, and do things differently. Hide yo mule IP.
  2. Been months with that issue, try running a goldfarm off the script. I told Usa about it, and even lent him an account to fix it. He blamed it on my VPS and that was that. That's why I gave up on this script, not enough updates. Hope he fixes for your sake, and everyone else using the script currently :]
  3. but it's so cute like that
  4. What's the bot for? Some things are high ban-rate no matter how well-made the script is made. Another reason could be your IP might be banned. Alot of things you can do to improve, but you weren't detailed enough to be of any help apart from that.
  5. maximize it more details/screenie?
  6. Saw 48 seconds and got bored. Props to him, though. That talent.
  7. For anyone having this issue, redecorate to basic wood, script will work after.
  8. @Usa https://gyazo.com/28d23ae7e1a69b43a9319d8ab01d3fa2 Happens 7/10 of the time for me... Not sure what the issue is. Fix?
  9. Just renewed the script for 2 weeks, and the script still hasn't been fixed. https://gyazo.com/52b4ea20590b49a5faa65e3076dfa9bc Happens more than half the time to me. Idles until someone pks it. If nobody pks, it keeps idling. Edit: https://gyazo.com/6be4e4fc15fb11a5f741681d0f921a53 https://gyazo.com/7df7f09515a98d40d0a82d3149732572 https://gyazo.com/868cafca5908852cefbd0eb507783f6b https://gyazo.com/56cd33f8efa998a95574d4d94c3e1d36 Happens to about every single one of my accounts. They're all seperate VPSes, I've deleted hooks.dat multiple times. @Usa this has been an issue for over a week now
  10. Bought 36 credits, fast and smooth, thanks, Arctic!
  11. @Usa any plan to fix the idling outside of the gate until it dies issue? I see it happen too often since I'm trying to run a farm... This is very time consuming, bot-like idling, brings tons of deaths, and simply a complete and total time waste. I see it happen sometimes at the start of the script... Sometimes when I'm about to xfer, sometimes just when I check on it.
  12. It's still having issues @ the gate. It's either running back to gate at start of script, or standing in front of gate either after death (deathwalk I guess?) or just randomly stands there, in the middle of the script. Bot has been standing in front of the Dragon Isle gate for 47 minutes now. Status is "ABC2 Antiban", it's not doing anything but staying logged in. Just manually went inside. Script thought its spot was cozy, ran back outside and idled again. FIXXXXX
  13. It tries to teleport to glory outside of lava dragon gate now ._.
  14. @Usa we're waiting on a fix still, for the games neck issue that costs us LOTS of deaths and rune waste and such. Script doesn't seem to recognize it already teleported to corp, and it keeps attempting to once it's left the cave which is impossible since it's past 20 wilderness (teleport limit) so it stays standing until it dies to an npc.