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  1. When the bot tries to enter the cow arena it will sometimes forget to open the gate and it will keep clicking inside the gate. This gets the bot stuck until someone else opens the gate and also when walking back to the lumbridge castle it will sometimes forget to open one of the doors on the main level of the castle which causes the bot to walk to the side of the castle and it gets stuck until someone opens it
  2. Won

    [Combat] Combat AIO Lite by Assume

    Is this script working for everyone else right now or is it broken due to the update? Nvm. I just had to update the id's of the monsters
  3. I just got banned using this script, it gets stuck way too much at the gate next to the cows and when trying to enter the lumbridge castle (not every time it gets stuck but it still does). Poorly scripted for not having a failsafe if it doesn't enter the cow arena. It will just keep clicking in the cow arena thinking that it's inside because the 'redflag' will stand for a second then disappear while the bot keeps walking back and forth (obvious detection of a bot). It definitely needs to be fixed because of this being a premium script... the rest of the script works well but I wouldn't recommend buying until the script is updated.
  4. Won

    Account Manager Password

    I second this! is there any way I can hide the passwords for my bots??
  5. Won


    The bot is still getting stuck at the clay mine, as stated early before you said you fixed it but it looks like a great script. please fix
  6. Just wondering how is the ban rate with this script? has anyone been banned using this script yet?
  7. I guess I could try that but is there another method that Tribot would allow me to pay so I could purchase VIP also?
  8. I wasn't cetain where to post this but I was wondering if there was another way I could purchase credits/VIP on here without using Paypal. I was banned on paypal about a year ago so it's hard for me to use unless I use a stealth account..