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  1. ★★★Minecraft Account Shop★★★ Lifetime Warranty!★★★ Welcome to my Minecraft account shop! I'm currently in the progress of making a website to have this 100% automatic, but for now you must contact me via Skype Skype; Log.osbot ALWAYS ASK FOR A PM ONSITE BEFORE DEALING Prices; 1 Account + No Warranty: $0.10 1 Account + 2 Week Warranty: $0.25 1 Account + 1 Month Warranty: $0.50 1 Account + LIFETIME Warranty: $1.50 If you ever have a problem with the account, that's were the warranty's come in. T.o.S 1.I'm not responsible for anything that happens to the account after the warranty is up (Except Lifetime) 2. If you try and lie to get more accounts with the warranty even if there is nothing wrong with your account both accounts will be reported for being hacked, and you will not receive a refund. 3. Any chargebacks via Paypal will result in a report of the account, and no warranty's. 4. I will not go first, unless I deem you trusted.
  2. 1)On your iPhone/iPad/iPod go to http://featurepoints.com/web/ 2)Install the app 3) It will ask for a refferal code, if you'd like to use mine, put You will get a free 50 points for using it! 4) Download apps and earn points! 5) Redeem them for PayPal, Amazon, Paid Apps on the App Store, iTunes cards, Xbox Membership, PSN and much more! Any questions, PM me
  3. It's not letting me change my password, can a mod pm me and help
  4. I need VIP Extended ASAP! Add me on Skype log.osbot
  5. How do I run it using a proxy with a .bat file? Cba to pay another $8 to just use proxies..
  6. Thanks for the help! I hope to start producing scripts for TRiBot soon!
  7. Still happening guys, it's starting to get aggrivating, help please.
  8. Does this problem appear more often, if yes what did you do and what caused the problem? The script I'm running stops when I get a random that teleports my character away (mime, maze, forrester, pinball, cages, etc) What kind of java version do you have installed. 7.0.51 What did you try to fix this yourself? Turned of Lite mode What kind of OS are you using? What the fuck is OS
  9. Hope to start open up my service on here! But once I get a few hundred posts. PM me your name from OSB, maybe I'll know who you are.. But yeh I like TRiBot, Has a lot more scripts!
  10. Hello, I'm new to TRiBot, I'm also from another botting community OSB.., well hope to see everyone around, happy botting