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  1. Hopefully they respond in some way! They usually aren't very helpful though :/
  2. I think its rumored that Jagex does that, I've used auto click in that world and nothing happened, and thats been rumored to cause instant ban.
  3. I don't believe that to be true though
  4. Can we add World 385 to Tribot? That would be awesome!
  5. I was banned for 2 days about a month ago. I went without botting for about a week, and then i was like eh, why not try again? I havent gotten banned since then and ive been botting about 15+ hours a day for a month straight. I think you're good!
  6. okay! thank you! im just having trouble trying to find a script that supports charging at the altar! thanks for your help though!
  7. Does it support the monkeys at ape atoll? Will it automatically recharge prayer at the altar there? I'm looking for a script that supports prayer recharging, plus i'm a pure so I don't have defense at all! Thanks for readin!